Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Crayola Experience Orlando

I was given the awesome opportunity to visit the Crayola Experience in Orlando with my family in exchange for my honest opinion and review of our experience. The girls were very excited to get to go and explore all the colorful fun they had to offer! 

Walking up it is a really fun colorful building (of course!) and it made the kids so excited and happy to get to go into it. The crowd was really small this day so we got to really enjoy all the activities without many lines. There is a lot to do but when you first walk in and go through the ticket counter there is an exit gift shop in front of you and no signs that say where the entrance is and we were not told where to go. Once we figured out we had to go upstairs we were able to start exploring. There are different stations where you can create art or do fun activities such as "wrap it up" and "dip art" and my girls were ready to dive in when we saw them all.

The first stop we made was at the "wrap it up" center. For a token (you get two with each ticket and can purchase more if you want to) you get to label a crayon with a design like a heart or star and your child's name. Then it prints out the crayon wrapper and gives you a crayon. My girls thought this was fun but I thought it would wrap the crayon for you in the machine! You wrap it up yourself when it comes out which was really cool!

We then went over to the "modeling madness" where, for another token, you can choose a color of play-doh and create your own little shape or design. The doh felt really cool and I thought it was going to harden into a keepsake but alas it did not and stays sticky, which gets a little squished in the bag. The girls thought this was a really fun station and enjoyed playing the modeling doh.

Right behind that is "art alive" this one is really neat, the kids can pick an image and color it on a digital screen then have it show up on the wall and watch their creation come alive. My oldest loved seeing her unicorn on the big screen!

"Toddler Town" was our next stop and it's a little play area for them that has slides and tubes to crawl around it. The girls really loved this and there was also a lot bigger one called "color playground" for older kids. I wish there was more supervision for over aged kids being on the little one because bigger kids did come over and knocked my kids down in the toddler one. We stayed here for quite a bit because my girls enjoyed the slides so much. 

There is a "snack shack" right next to it where they had popcorn, drinks, and dip n' dots (my fave) which was really nice. 

My favorite center was the "drip art" you get to pick two crayon colors and they get melted in a machine that spins paper under it as the crayon wax drips down onto it and you can control how fast it spins to make some really cool spiral art. The girls had a lot of fun at this one! Right next to it is another melting station and it drips down into a mold of a shape you pick. The girls loved getting their seahorse and shark molds! These stations were really fun for us.

There is a spot where you can get candy and make a wax hand and I was really excited to let Zoey make one because I remember making those as a kid at fairs. The staff here did not seem like they knew what they were doing and I ended up pretty much making it myself with Zoey. They had to redo it three times because they kept messing up the mold somehow and poor Zoey was a trooper through it all. In the end we got a cool hand mold but it took a lot longer than should have and the staff there should have been trained how to properly use the melted wax a little better (such as stirring the top of the colored wax that is all harden before dipping the hand mold in.) 

We ate at the Cafe which had a good selection of kid foods. Kenzie had a pb&j, applesauce, and milk and Zoey and I shared the pizza which was really good. Alex had a salted pretzel that the girls also had some and they all liked it. 

There is a lot of stations to just sit and color or create art with melted wax or paper art and we did some of these before we headed out. The girls really did not want to leave they were having so much fun coloring and enjoying all the fun.

Overall my girls had a blast and they thought it was just the coolest! I liked that the crowd was small and it was something you can enjoy in just a few hours, if you don't have an entire day to devote to something this is a great option. It is a great place to go check out if you have younger kids and kids that really like being crafty and making art. I think they can improve on the staff giving better directions and being more assertive about customer service. Overall I would definitely like to take my girls here again because they really did have a blast and an annual pass was very reasonably priced. It is also connected to the Florida Mall which definitely makes me want to go back! 

Thank you to The Crayola Experience Orlando for inviting my family and I to come have some colorful fun! If you are in the area and want to go check it out don't forget to use this coupon!!

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