Friday, September 15, 2017

Hurricane Irma

As many of you know we were recently hit by Hurricane Irma here in Central Florida. It hit southern Florida pretty hard and did a lot of damage to the Keys and up the western coast. By the time it got to us it was only a category 1 and I honestly thought we would hardly feel it.. but it was still a rough storm for this area. Most of Florida lost power and we were only without for 2 days while some are still without power almost a week later and some don't have water either. In my town it knocked down a lot of trees and caused some damage to cars and homes but most of us stayed in our homes and were safe inside during the storm. There was mandatory evacuations for southern Florida and I even considered it myself and decided it would be better to try to stick it out because coming home would be hard and also resources to leave were gone, such as gas and hotel rooms north.

I will be honest I started panicking when the winds first picked up around 9pm and I had to call a few people to keep me busy and calm me down. The girls slept the first few hours in one of our master closets because it is on the opposite side of the house as the huge tree we were worried about falling on the home over the girls rooms. They did wake up and start playing around so I had to put them in the bed in our room to get them back to sleep. We had power all night while the wind was very strong outside and it finally went out at 630am. I noticed the wind picked up a lot about 5am which is when it was going over us and it remained very high and scary sounding until about 7am. I was laying in bed with the girls and they slept through it while I laid there holding them close listening to the scary wind praying over and over the tree would not fall on our home. When the power went out it made me jump even though I had been waiting for it to go out all night. It was so scary laying there with them hearing the wind outside but we made it through with no tree falling and no damage to the house. I was so glad when the night was finally over.

The girls woke up about 7 and we were able to slowly get out of bed and check out how it looked outside through the windows. It was still dark and the girls did not really understand what was going on so they just wanted entertainment asap so we played with play-doh right away. We hung out in the house all day with no power and just kind of stayed occupied with puzzles and games. I had no cellphone reception most the day which was frustrating because I could not update my family or make any phone calls.. it was actually really boring to be inside with no phone and no power.  By afternoon time it was still windy but we walked next door to see if their phones worked and how they were doing. We have some really great neighbors who helped me tie down our trampoline, put our bbq safely on the patio, and checked on us constantly I am so grateful for them because hubby was out of town and they helped me a lot. We spent some time with them and they did have phone service so I made a few calls and was able to update my family.
My husband was in England and landed in Newark Monday they then decided to drive all night to get home by Tuesday morning. If he would have waited for a flight it would have put him home Thursday! I was so glad he decided to rush home to make sure we were okay and be with us after such a stressful time.

We were out of power until Tuesday and we were so glad when it came back on and we never lost the use of water. I did not appreciate having air conditioning as much as I do now after not having it for a few days (and it wasn't even that hot after the storm.)

Life is starting to resume around us, schools are closed until Monday so families can get things in order if they have houses or cars damaged. Businesses are reopening even though many of their employes still have no water and electricity. I have ran a few errands around town and notice giant fallen trees still all over the town and lots of debris that has been collected by home owners yards and placed on the side of the streets to be collected. Still things are moving forward the utility men are hard at work trying to restore power to everyone. We cleaned up our yard and things could have been so much worse for us so we are very grateful. I am praying for all the families that are now displaced because of the storm and those that have damage. I know that a lot of people are coming together to help those in need.

I have lived in Florida for 6 years now and this was the first time I was really scared for hurricane to come through where we live. I hope we don't have to relive a situation like this and if we do hope we can be prepared as possible.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Our Kitchen Remodel Reveal

We finally decided to update our kitchen and my husband worked really hard to make it the classic farmhouse style I have fallen in love with. I wanted all white cupboards with bronze hardware and white subway tile backsplash. We already had the granite black with gold flakes counter tops and I think it's a great contrast against the white! I just love how it all came out. My husband painted the cabinets and put in the backsplash himself and he did such a wonderful job! Here are the before and after pictures of our kitchen!



It is amazing what simply painting the cabinets did for the space! The white makes it so much more bright in the kitchen and it even feels bigger. It's a great way to liven up the kitchen without spending a lot (if you do it yourself.) Adding the dark bronze hardware really added some great accents and I love how it tied into the counter so well. I love how simple and clean the white backsplash looks, it's just so classic and really made the look complete! I am so happy with our new kitchen make over and so thankful to my wonderful hubby who put in all the hard work to make it exactly how I wanted!
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