Monday, July 31, 2017

Weight Loss Journey How I Lost 20 Pounds

I did it!! I finally did it! I reached my first BIG goal of hitting 20 pounds lost! It took me 3 months and lots of hard work, but I am so excited to finally be here! I did a blog post on How I lost my First 10 Pounds  about a month ago and I still follow those guidelines. Those tips work the best for me for my weight loss and I have stuck to them during my journey. Just to recap I changed my eating habits, started working out almost daily, keep track of my progress, stay focused, and the most important of all I DID NOT GIVE UP!

I have tried to lose weight several times in my life and it would usually go like this: workout and eat the same, OR eat healthy and not workout, OR eat healthy and workout for a short period of time see no results and give up. It was always hard for me to stick to a lifestyle change because I didn't see results fast enough and would get discouraged. The hardest part is to stick with it but that is what has really helped me this time around. I just kept going even if the scale stayed the same (which it had a few times for weeks at a time) I really like how much better I FELT overall and I feel stronger and happier in general. I am more energetic during the day and find myself doing more things with my kids, I fit into my clothes better and have more confidence, and I am mentally less stressed and these are the changes that really kept me at it. I knew if I gave up I wouldn't feel this good so I kept going and the weight kept coming off (slowly but surely.)

Some weeks my weight would stay the same but I would measure myself and lost inches off my waist or hips and that also helps to keep me encouraged. I know that changing your life can be very hard and for me I still struggle with taking days off or eating unhealthy meals (because I feel extremely guilty) but it is okay to give yourself a break. Eating one cupcake or pizza one day is not going to make you gain back all the weight you lost, it's giving up and eating that stuff all the time that will.

I see a lot of things out there now to help with weight loss like diets, pills, shakes, whatever.. and I wanted to try it on my own without those things because I knew I could do it. The biggest thing that works for me is counting calories. I got a food scale and measure all my portions and track everything in my Samsung Health app on my phone and try to eat about 1200 calories a day. I also try to make those calories good ones like protein and fruit and veggies. I am still trying to not eat many carbs but I do have sandwiches and use sandwich thins for that or I will have one piece of toast instead of the usual two. I also traded a lot of things for lower calorie, sugar free, or even 0 calorie options. I use honey mustard instead of mayo, lower sugar jam (sparingly and only once in awhile if I crave toast) the "I can't believe it's not butter" spray is 0 calories, and they even have a whole wheat bread that is only 45 calories a slice (Sara Lee brand I think) I use egg whites instead of whole eggs and  if we are having spaghetti I make zoodles from Zucchini noodles! All of these small changes helped in my big results.

Continuing with my new lifestyle of running at least 5 times a week and making better food choices has really helped me reach my goal and my biggest advice is to just stick with it. Some new tips I have for you all is to get the family involved in outdoor activities, meal prep your food, and use substitutions (like the ones I mentioned above.) I find that if we are all outside going for a run it sets a good example for the kids and they really enjoy it. Showing them that being active is important, fun, and good for you is something that I think is so valuable. I also like to take my kids in the backyard and kick around a soccer ball or jump on the trampoline, they really love that too! Also cooking a big batch of chicken breast and veggies and portioning it out into containers to eat for lunch over the next few days helps me A LOT. It keeps me from binging when I am really hungry and makes it easy for me to have a meal ready to go. I like to make a lot of chicken and then use it for salads for the next 3 days. Also using substitutions in my meals has helped me a lot and I hope the ones I mentioned can give you some ideas on where to start with that.

I hope these new weight loss tips help you and encourage you to get active and start or continue on your own goals! I am now on to my next goal of losing another 10 pounds! Wish me luck! If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments. Thank you to everyone for all the encouragement and awesome support I love reading all the positive comments!
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