Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pink Blush Collaboration Floral Wrap Dress Review

Thank you to Pink Blush for sponsoring this post. I was gifted this dress in exchange for my honest opinion and review of it. All opinions are my own. 

Back in March right before Easter I went shopping to find the perfect Easter dress to wear to church and a family lunch. I went to a few department stores and tried some different ones on. I was 20 pounds heavier at the time and felt like nothing I tried on fit well and I did not feel good or confident. I ended up wearing a beautiful lace flowy top with jeans and felt awful. I was self conscious and unhappy with my weight and knew I needed to make a change. I have been working hard for months now on losing weight and have lost 20 pounds. I still cannot believe it until I look back at the pictures. I have a post on How I lost My First 10 Lbs and shared what has been working for me so far on my journey. I am still working hard to continue to lose weight but was ready to get that dress I had been looking for. 

Since losing the weight I decided I was going to find the perfect beautiful floral dress that I had dreamed of wearing since Easter. I knew it would make me feel so good to fit into a dress ( two sizes smaller than before!) and feel confident in a how I now looked in a dress so I chose this beautiful White Floral Wrap Dress from one of my favorite online shops Pink Blush. I knew I would love this dress because the floral print is gorgeous but I did not know how it would fit. I was really impressed with how well it fit and good it felt. It is so soft and comfortable, I absolutely love it. It's so flowy and feels perfect for spring or summer weather. I think it would be a beautiful dress to wear to a wedding and is a great piece for church as well. I feel so confident in this and as a stay at home mom getting to dress up feels really great sometimes. I do not have any dresses like this and am so happy with how it looked and good I felt in it. I am no fashionista and not a fashion blogger typically but I really love working with this brand because of how much I love their clothing. 

I am always impressed with Pink Blush and the beautiful pieces they have to offer. They are a great online boutique for women and women who are pregnant and nursing to find some beautiful, stylish, and comfortable clothing. I love their kimonos they currently have which are perfect for summer. The dress selection from them is huge and they have so many pretty floral options. I love wearing this brand and I know you will too. I love that this dress, along with their other dresses. are something that can transition into pregnancy and would be so comfortable and easy to wear while pregnant or nursing. It makes it a really versatile option to have on hand. I personally have been looking for something to wear out on a date night and I think this would be so fun to wear on a night out. I feel really great in it and I think it is the perfect mix of casual and comfy with a dressed up and fancy feel. The maxi dress style is something that is just great for summer and it has been so hot here lately so I love how it's lightweight enough to be cool for the summer but not sheer. 

I just love miss Kenzie's face in these next pictures. She is my little firecracker and I love that little pouty face. These girls loved my new dress and Zoey (my oldest) kept saying "wow mommy that's a new dress! It's so pretty!" She is such a sweet soul but I have to agree it is such a pretty dress and I felt really great (and pretty) in it.

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