Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Workout Must Haves || What I am Loving Lately || Fitness Inspiration

I have been on a fitness kick for about 3 months now. I am really trying to stick with it this time because my usual MO is to start working out for a month and then give up because I don't see results fast enough. This time I am finding ways to stay motivated through friends, new healthy foods, and also fitness gear. Getting new fitness gear is extremely motivating to me and these are the things I am loving lately. I have slowly been getting new fitness gear and not only do I need it but I find it helps encourage me to get my workout on. Here are my current workout must haves for fitness inspiration.

I am really loving fitness tops becuase I have found they help me keep cooler than a normal t-shirt. I have found them at different places like Sam's Club, Target, and Dick's Sporting Goods store and like the cool wick ones that are dry fit material. 

I am also really loving these Victoria's Secret PINK ultimate yoga pants, especially for running. They are nice and snug and kind of hold you in place while you're running. They feel amazing and are so comfortable and flexible. I have two pairs now and just love them. 

Workout bands are something new for me but I tried some leg workouts with them and really liked how they add resistance to my workout. They turn a simple leg workout into a little more with resistance and can really amp up your workout routine. I picked up a set at Dick's Sporting Goods. 

Nike free runs are my go to running shoes and I was due for a new pair so around my birthday I stopped in at a Foot Locker and got some. I was so excited to get some new ones and they have updated their look and they are so lightweight and comfortable for me to workout in. 

I have seen lots of workouts using a medicine ball and though I haven't actually purchased one I did get to use one recently. I liked it and think it would be good for some ab and leg workouts, this is on my wish list for now because I think it would be a great workout tool to one day own. 

These underarmor shirts are really comfortable and great to workout in as well as just wear for everyday. I am a simple t-shirt kind of girl and these are great. You can find them anywhere such as Kohl's or Dick's Sporting Goods and I am really loving this brand of sports clothing. 

I find adding a new piece of clothing or gear once in awhile can really keep me motivated, who doesn't want cute new workout clothes and a reason to wear them!? 

How do you stay motivated? What are some of your favorite fitness gear items? 

Leave me some new inspiration ideas for gear to add to my wishlist or fitness routine in the comments below!

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