Sunday, July 23, 2017

Back to School Supplies for Preschool

My oldest daughter Zoey, who turned 3 in March, is going to start preschool in the middle of August. I still cannot believe it but we are all so ready. She is so smart and gets bored at home so I think it is going to be good for her to get structure, new challenges, and  instructions in a school setting and for us to also get a little time to miss each other. I have been with her everyday since she has been born. I have never left my babies, not for a babysitter, not for a trip, not for anything. This is going to be totally new for all of us and I am sure it will be hard at first, but she is so outgoing and so excited to start school. I know she will be fine and makes lots of new friends and I cannot wait for all the fun that school will bring for her and our lives.

Whenever we are out playing at a park or splash pad she always asks the other kids what they're names are says "my name is Zoey" she wants to play and is always the first to engage with others. She is outgoing just like her mama and I know she will walk into that classroom and not look back. She is so sweet and always the helpful one so I am sure she will find her place in the classroom quickly as the big helper and eager to learn student. I love her full of life soul and am so proud to see her move on to some big kid things!

I received a list of school supplies that needed to be purchased for her class and for herself and this is the round up of all those items! We went back to school shopping together at Target and she was ecstatic! She picked everything out herself and put it all in the cart and we went over the list together, it was so sweet and I really enjoyed having this experience with my big girl. Walking around the store with me and excited to find all the things she needed in the back to school section was the first time we got to do this and I thought it was just the best. Seeing her so happy and feeling like a such a big girl it made my mama bear heart so full. I thought I would share with you all the things we picked up for her for this upcoming school year (I also included the backpack she picked because UNICORN!) Here is the list of school supplies we got for my big preschooler!

• Crayons 24 count
• Washable Markers
• Elmer's clear glue
• 1 box Kleenex Tissues
• Disinfectant Wipes
• Antibacterial Hand Doap
• 6 oz Clear Plastic Cups
• Plastic Pronged 2- Pocket Folder
• Composition Notebook Wide-ruled
•Boys: Gallon ziploc bags and 500 count white copy paper
•Girls:Quart ziploc bags and color copy paper
• Baby wipes (sensitive skin)
• Lunch box with ice pack

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