Monday, July 17, 2017

10 Easy Ways To Save Money Starting Today

I wanted to put together a list of ways you can save money starting today! Saving money can be hard for anyone and whether you're trying to save for a vacation or pay off some debt this list of 10 ways to save money can help you reach your goal. These are the things I implement in my life to save money and I hope they help you! Here is my list of 10 ways to save money.

1. Make coffee at home. Giving up your daily Starbucks coffee can save you some big money! It slowly adds up when you spend $5 or more at Starbucks everyday.

2. Bring your own lunch. This is the same concept as not buying your coffee everyday, if you take your own lunch to work or school then you are saving money. You can also take your lunch when you go out with the family to save some money too. Packing a picnic to eat at the park is a great way to have a fun pit stop with the kids and get some free playtime along with not spending money on lunch for everyone.

3. Use cash. This comes from the idea that having the actual cash in your hands will make you less likely to spend it. It is harder to part with it when it is tangible and you're less likely to break a big bill to buy something small like a candy bar. Using cash can also help you keep a budget while out shopping or eating.

4. Find activities that are free. If you are looking for something fun to do with the family try to find things that are free. There are lots of local events that are free if you look around for them. You can go to the farmers market, a park, the beach, a fair, and other such places. Also some stores, like Michael's and Lowe's, offer free events for kids so look out for those!

5. Budget. Write out all your bills, how much they are, and when they are due. Then take your income and see how much is left; don't forget to factor in unexpected expenses like a birthday party and gas; and you'll get a good sense of your budget. Also you will see how you need to cut spending in order to save some money. You could make a budget for yourself for groceries and other things and just take the cash out to make sure you stick to it.

6. Sell items on Ebay. Selling your unused items on Ebay can help to make you a few extra bucks! I love selling things I no longer need on Ebay like clothes, shoes, and electronics. Try listing things as an auction to get more people interested and if you can make the shipping free that helps too. It'll make the chances better for your item to sell.

7. Practice delayed gratification when it comes to purchases. If your find something you really love and feel like you have to have it; just wait. Leave the store and think on it for a few days. Chances are you'll realize you don't really need it you just want it, and if you're trying to save money then you will be able to rationalize not buying it. It is really hard to do this but I have done it many times and it works! I almost never go back for that item that I just HAD to have.

8.  Grocery shop online. This is a new one but some stores, like the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, are now offering grocery pick up services. This is where you shop for all your groceries online and then just go pick it up from the store. This can really help you save money because you won't be tempted to grab any extra items that you do not want or need.

9. Do not impulse buy. This goes along with number 7, but do not make any impulse purchases. Impulse purchases can sometimes be expensive and it may be something that you do not need so just say no!

10. Sell bigger home items on Craigslist or Facebook. There is now a for sell section for facebook where you can list things and local people can see them. You can also use Craigslist to list things that locals can come pick up or you can drop off. This is a great option for selling large items like furniture or bikes.

I hope this list helps you reach your money saving goals and gave you some good ideas on how to save or make money!

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