Thursday, June 8, 2017

Memorial Weekend Road Trip to North Carolina || Vacation Blog || Time Capsule

My husband had to work a week in North Carolina and since we have family there we decided to take a road trip and all go as a family for a little vacation. Our girls have cousins that live up there and so we wanted to be able to get them all together. I love doing trips like this to make memories for them. My biggest childhood memories are the times I spent with my cousins and so I want my girls to also have lots of a great memories with their cousins. Family time is really important to me and even though the long car ride is hard for us with two little ones we still all love to go up there.

The car ride up there was about 10 hours, we left at 9 and got there about 7. It was long for the girls and I did my best by bringing movies, activities, and lots of snacks to keep them occupied. Zoey does really well now becuase she is 3 and we can talk about what is going on, but Kenzie did get a little upset being trapped in the carseat after a while. We were are glad when we made it up there and the girls were so excited to see their cousins!

This is the awesome Melissa and Doug Sticker pad that I mentioned in my post about Toddler Road Trip Necessities! It was a huge hit with my girls! 
Another coloring pad with tray I picked up n the dollar spot at Target, Zoey loved it and was so excited to get to use markers.

My husband had to work the first few days we were there so he would leave for the track and I stayed back at the house with the girls. The kids got to play together and we had some outdoor fun where they played on a swing set and also played with some outside toys. These girls just love to climb and slide together, Zoey really looks up to her cousins and it was really sweet to see them all play.

Miss Ava and Kenzie sliding together, all the girls were doing this over and over and it was the cutest. I loved seeing the older cousins helping them climb up and showing them around their swing set.

Jules (who is the oldest at 5) and Zoey sliding together. Jules has to be the sweetest kid I know, she is so loving towards others and how she plays with her little cousins and sister is just so sweet. She loves to help them and guide them in everything they do, her heart is pure gold.

This is a little outside play house that they have and I think it is just the cutest! 

Jules driving Zoey around. Ava drove Kenzie around and that was a little sketchy! Haha. It may be time to get my girls a power wheels this year. ;) 

The girls are playing hide and seek here, it was so cute! Ava would pretend not to see them, but Zoey would just scream "Gotcha!" right away. They kept hiding under this easel and it was hysterical and seeing Kenzie copy along has to be the cutest thing ever.

Zoey was dead serious about this Karaoke machine, she was putting her whole heart into singing but unfortunately she does have her father's pitch and singing may not be her forte. That's okay we will just tell her she sounds great like they did to my husband when he was a child. Haha!

Crazy Cousins, I love this picture.

Later in the week we took a trip to their community pool. It was a really nice big pool and the day was just beautiful for swimming.  They enjoyed going in and out of the water over and over and running all around. My girls love to be in the water and chasing them around kept me on my toes! Thankfully my sister in law was there to help me because my kids are wild.

I was really debating leaving this part out of my post because when I look back I do not want to remember this even happening. It is part of the trip though and since everything turned out just fine I guess I should include it. Kenzie choked on a small toy and even though I was able to clear her airway I still took her to the ER to make sure the object was not going to get stuck in her intestines. They did X-rays and the Dr basically said they will poop out almost anything and in the end I felt like it was a wasted trip. At least I can know I did everything I could to make sure she was okay. It was really scary and I hope we never have to go through that again. 

Kenzie is playing with the hospital bed remote and she was pretending it was a phone. We waited over 2 hours and it was really boring for her and the poor girl did awesome.

Later that day (since Kenzie was just fine) we took all the girls to the racetrack to say hi to everyone. It was hot and my girls were exhausted but man they love to be at the track. Zoey is always talking about wanting to go super fast and race already. I am not sure if I am ready for all that! 

We got to spend Sunday out on the Lake with some more family and they did a big BBQ. It was a lot of fun spending the day out there. Both my girls loved this big water carpet and were able to sit on it in the water! It stays on top of the water and you can sit or lay on it! It was really cool and it made it fun for the girls to be able to be in the water even though they can't really swim yet.  It was hard for me because I was worried about Kenzie, even though they all had floaties on I was stressed about her going in the water and swallowing too much. My girls actually did really well and had a lot of fun out there! The older cousins could jump into the water and climb back out onto the mat over and over, they had a blast! This was the funnest day and the food was all so delicious, they made cheese burgers, steak, asparagus, and hot dogs! yummm. I will be craving fun summer days like this all summer long. The day ended with a beautiful sunset to remember.

That's Kenzie in the middle of the mat, she loved just sitting on there and splashing in the little puddles around her. She fell in once and then was too scared to go near the edge again. Zoey was a little more scared but still got on the mat a few times. 

The last morning we had there everyone was sleeping in so Kenzie and I went for a walk around outside. I just love these pictures of her exploring and I will steal any alone time with my littlest one as I can. 

The older kids went to the park this day and I stayed behind with Kenzie while she napped. We had a low key day and just hung around enjoying our last day there before we headed home.

On our way out to head home the next morning we stopped at a local juice bar so I could finally try this Acai bowl and it was so good! I have not been able to find a local place that offers these here in Florida so I was excited to get to try one. 

The girls did so good on the way home they were exhausted from such a fun vacation. They were able to make it up until the last few hours of our car ride home until they passed out. They look so sweet both sleeping.

We love going to North Carolina to visit our family and will hopefully be heading back up there for Christmas. I was really glad to get to go enjoy a summer trip up there for once and let the kids have some fun in the sun and water! Thankful for these memories the girls will always have with their cousins. I'd love to know what you did for the Holiday weekend, let me know in the comments below!
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