Monday, June 12, 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide and Ideas

Father's Day is in a few weeks and I wanted to put together a little list of gift ideas for the Husband, Father in law, or Father in your life. I always have such a hard time finding gifts for my husband so I really put some thought into this and tried to find things I thought any Dad would enjoy!

1. A hand painted coffee mug from a ceramic store that the kids paint! I think this is such a cute idea and I will be doing it with my girls. Find a local store such as Paint Me Mine (our town has one similar called Picasso's Palette) that sells white ceramic pieces you can hand paint. Have the kiddos paint a coffee mug or whatever they would like for dad or grandpa and then they will fire it for you so it gets hard and shiny! This is a really cute idea and makes a great keepsake and I cannot wait to see what my kids pick to paint for their dad and grandpa.

2. This Universal Socket. I saw this on an ad somewhere and have never seen one before! It looks great! It is really affordable at only $10.99 and I think this would come in really handy around the house or even at work. I think this makes a great little gift and seems super useful!

3. A Nespresso Machine to make coffee and espresso at home. This is a really cool espresso maker machine and my husband actually owns one already. He loves it and any man who loves their coffee and espresso will really enjoy this machine.  You can also get a milk frother so they can make lattes or cappuccinos! You can chose flavored espresso pods too and they ship quickly from the Nespresso site, we highly recommend this product!

4. A Smartwatch like this Samsung Gear S2 would make a really great gift to give. We love our smart watches that sync up to our phones to help track fitness goals as well as alert you of text or calls. I personally use this Samsung Gear Fit2 and I find it super motivating to help me get all my steps in, track my workouts, and keep me updated on alerts when my phone is not with me. I think this would make a great Father's Day gift!

5. A new pair of sunglasses. My husband works outside and he is always needing a new pair of sunglasses! This is a great practical gift that I think most men would enjoy. I personally like these Aviator Ray Bans in Blue or these Original Wayfarer Ray Bans in black. I love looking through the different styles and finding a pair that I think my husband or father might enjoy! I mean, who wouldn't want new sunglasses as a gift?

I hope this little list helps you find the perfect gift for the dad you may be shopping for! I know finding a gift can be hard sometimes so these are just some ideas to help you find something.
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