Friday, June 2, 2017

Family Fun Friday Movie Night with Nuby

My girls are finally old enough to enjoy a family movie night with popcorn and a new movie. They have been loving our designated Fridays for family movie nights and were so excited to try their new awesome Nuby cups to enjoy their snacks and milk from. I was sent these products in exchange for my honest review of them and thought they would be perfect to try for our movie night!

They were so excited about the Nuby Snack N' Sip cups. These are the perfect drink and snack cup that holds up to 9 ounces of fluid with a container on top that holds up to 4.5 ounces of snacks! It has a Flexible silicone straw to drink out of and is perfect for toddlers 12 months and older. They got to drink their evening milk and enjoy their popcorn from the same container and they were so excited! My favorite part is that they are BPA free and that they get to drink AND snack from the same container. Less dishes for mom and more fun for the kiddos. They loved the cute designs on the cups and I have found they are great for at home, at the park, and even out running errands. Both of my girls constantly ask for snacks so to be able to have them hold their snack and drink in one container is such a great help!

You can find these at Babies R' Us  and they have lots of other cute designs for boys and girls.

We also got to try out this Insulated 360 Wonder Cup. My girls like to drink milk and I have been looking for a cup that will keep their milk colder longer and also not spill on the carpet. This was the perfect cup to solve this problem! Just like the 360 wonder Cup we tried before it has the same No-Spill soft silicone rim insert that keeps it sealed tight for no leaks and uses the sensitive TOUCH-FLO which allows your child to drink while just sipping and seals when they stop sipping. This insulated base will keep any liquid drinks cool for up to 6 hours and this is exactly what I needed! I was able to not worry about it going bad too fast while they enjoyed other snacks and could set it down and come back to it later. This holds 9 ounces and is the perfect size for them to hold onto. My favorite part is that it doesn't leak because my youngest did drop this a few times and I was happy to not find any spills. Perfect for bedtime milk or water.

This is for 12 months and older and can be found at Babies r' Us. Just like with all their other products they have tons of fun designs for any kid.

My oldest daughter likes to have water next to her bed at bedtime and I usually worry about her spilling a normal cup of water. I found that this Thirsty Kids Flip-it Canteen is so helpful with this, she can have it beside her bed and drink from it at night and in bed and it doesn't spill.  It can be flipped closed and thrown into a bag and won't leak, as well as when it is sealed the spout gets covered so no extra germs! We have other canteens but this one's slim design makes it fit easily into my kids hands plus the silicone band makes it easy for them to grip. The plastic is very durable and can survive some outside fun and it is BPA free. This is the perfect water cup and we used it for at home as well as on the go! I trust these not to spill and to stay clean if they fall on the floor or are left in my diaper bag.

You can find these at Target in different colors and designs and these are for any age.

Overall we love having Nuby products to enjoy our family movie nights with, these are products I will continue to use and my girls and I both love. Thank you Nuby for sponsoring this post.  I received these products in exchange for my honest review and opinion of them. All opinions are my own.

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