Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Toddler Road Trip Necessities

We are about to do a very (very) long car ride with two toddlers! They are 3 years old and almost 2 years old and I know it is going to be hard on them. It will all be worth it though when they get to play with their cousins for a whole week! I put together a list to share with you of the things I am bringing to keep them entertained and busy and hopefully happy on our trip!

1. Mess Free Markers - I definitely have mentioned these before, they are fantastic! The markers are like those "magic markers" from when I was a kid and they only color in the coloring books made for them. They make no markings on their clothes, face, furniture, anything else! I love these for trips!

2. Surprise Pouches- They make several of these for different things like My Little Pony, Doc Mcstuffins, Sofia the First, etc. I am going to save these for when they are really not happy and surprise them with them! They will be so excited, they just love the idea of getting a little package to open that is a surprise!

3. New DVDs - I got them two new movies that they haven't seen yet to watch on their DVD players in the car. I got Pinocchio and a My Little Pony disc I saw at Target for only $4! They are going to love getting to watch new movies and this is hours of entertainment! My plan is to not let them watch a lot of tv the day before and I think this will help too.

4.  Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Pad - I found these at Target for under $5 a piece. I got Zoey a princess one and Makenzie a Dinosaur one, catering to their favorites at the moment. These are awesome! They are huge and there are pages of scenes that they can decorate with stickers that actually can be moved around. They are going to love these!

5. Activity tray with NotePad and Crayons - I found this in the "Dollar Spot" but it was $5 and I think this will make it easy for them to color on. It is a hard clipboard to hold their coloring pages and opens up to hold their note paper and color crayons. I think Zoey will enjoy this the most and be able to hold it on her lap.

6. Ipad- This is probably a given but the Ipad can be a lifesaver in many situations. Both the girls love to play games on this and it can keep them occupied for long periods of time.

7. Candy - I know I know, candy in the car is probably not the BEST idea... but hey anything to stop the screaming right? I am bringing some emergency candy in case (mostly Kenzie) is inconsolable because .. well... candy.  They both will stop crying for some candy! Haha!

8. Snacks - Of course I am bringing tons of snacks for them (and some for the adults too) I grabbed their favorites Pirate's Booty, Goldfish, Pretzel Sticks, Cookies, Granola Bars and I will be bringing bananas and fresh cut up strawberries and blueberries as well. I plan to take a little cold pack and put their milk, maybe some yogurt, the fruits, and a few other drinks in it.

9. Nuby Snack and Sip Cup - This is the perfect cup for a road trip with kiddos. They can fill it with snacks on top and their drink goes in the cup. They love eating out of this and having both things in one hand is very helpful for the little ones in the car!

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