Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our Family Fun "Weekend" Recap

We had a great "weekend" all together as a family, and I say "weekend" because it was technically Sunday and Monday but my husband had those days off so that is what we will call it. It was a nice weekend with no plans so we just did some random stuff and had a really great time. The weather was really up and down, it would start out sunny and bright (but still hot and humid) and then rain later in the afternoon. I had planned to take the kids in the backyard both afternoons for some pool time but it rained too hard for us to be able to do that. We still had a great time anyways.

On Sunday morning I got to get away to Target all by myself while hubby stayed with the kids. I have to say, this is my favorite "me time" thing to go do. I have to take the kids to Target with me pretty often and it's usually a rush of trying to get everything on my list and keeping them from screaming the entire time. I usually go through several packets of gummies and still end up leaving forgetting something. When I go alone I usually take my sweet time and just browse all the aisles (picking up extra things we don't need of course.) That's okay though it makes me happy and I can finally take my time picking out new bedding without being distracted. I really like to look through the clearance rack for the girls in the toddler section, but if they are with me they get bored really fast! We are taking a road trip this week and it is a long one, so I ended up grabbing lots of snacks for the girls as well as some surprise toys and a few dvds to watch in the car. I hope I grabbed enough to keep them entertained for most of the trip, knowing them they'll be happy with constantly snacking. hah!

I was also able to sit and enjoy a lunch out by myself! I do not usually go do this but I did not want to share my chicken salad for once so I sat at McAlister's and enjoyed myself and brought home hubby a sandwich after. It was so nice to just sit and eat... alone. Before I became a mother I never ate anywhere alone and thought it was awkward, little did I know the enjoyment and peace of doing this.

We spent the afternoon working on a large puzzle at home and the girls have actually been really involved and helping us work on it. It is the Beauty and the Beast one we got from our Disney trip, and it has been a fun activity for us all to work on.

We decided to take the kids out to dinner, which is something we never actually do. They are getting older and a little bit easier to take out. We went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant down the street from our house and we had a great time. I love all the decor in that place, all the seats have beautiful artwork of scenes on them. I also love the atmosphere; it is very family friendly and a loud fun place to relax and have dinner at. Zoey requested a burrito and we also got fries and chicken (always a winner) for Kenzie and they both shared and ate most of their meals! I was pleasantly surprised becuase they are usually picky eaters! I enjoyed a quesadilla and pina colada, it was delicious!

On Monday we all went for a family run around our neighborhood, we did 2 miles. I have been aiming for 2 miles on my runs lately and came home and did some arm workouts. After we all played outside and the girls helped dad wash the cars and also colored with chalk on the driveway. I like to help them color but the only thing I am good at is a rainbow and a dog I learned to draw as a kid. Lol.

Later the hubs put together a big BBQ feast and it was so nice. I was craving BBQ and have been really watching what I eat lately (trying to be healthier) and it was nice to just indulge. He cooked up hot dogs, hamburgers, and crinkle cut fries the girls went crazy for those hot dogs and fries! They also had cut up watermelon and cantaloupe with their dinner. This was a nice treat because he is not always home to BBQ for us.

Before bed we watched a movie and the girls had popcorn (their favorite late night snack) They have just discovered the Incredibles movie and Zoey is obsessed with superheros, so we watched that one, again.

Overall we had such great family time while my husband was off. My favorite part was being able to take them out to dinner and both of them were happy and behaved the entire time! Now I will be spending today getting ready for our trip which means lots of packing and cleaning! Anybody else like to come home to a totally clean house after a trip? Haha!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and Happy Monday!
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