Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nuby Toddler Tableware || Feeding Essentials Review ||

Today I am partnering with Nuby USA to bring to you a review of a few of their feeding products for babies and toddlers! I received these items in exchange for my honest opinion and review. The girls were so excited to get their new Nuby Tableware and couldn't wait to each lunch with them! Here are the items I chose to review.

I was most excited to try the Sure Grip Miracle Mat Feeding Placemat. This has a Non-slip base that sticks to flats surfaces, so no spills! It is BPA free and made of silicone so it wipes clean or can be put in the dishwater. Talk about easy clean up! My girls always make such a mess with their bowls and plates so I knew this would be a lifesaver! They really loved the fun colors and even though they tried to pick them up; they held tight onto the table! I love that there are sections in it too; I like to separate a main entree with some fruit sides usually. I think this is perfect for babies and toddlers learning table etiquette and to help them focus on eating and not playing.   You can find these at Babies R' Us in store or online!

The next item I chose to review are these super cute Stainless Steel Utensils. These are perfect for toddlers learning to use tableware! My girls loved the cute little animal pictures on them and the bright colors. I like that they are sturdy, have a big easy grip handle, and are BPA free! My girls loved to practice using these forks, spoons, and knives to eat and these made it fun and easy. They were able to hold onto them really well and pick up the food and eat it all by themselves. The knives are not sharp at all but I was still able to cut up their chicken nuggets with it. So it is safe enough for them to practice with but still actually usable! I like that they are also gentle on my table and do not scratch it! You can pick these up (along with the place mats) at your nearest Babies R' Us and online at Babies R' Us.

Lastly my girls got to try the 2 Handle 360 Wonder Cup. This has to be my favorite! I am so glad there is a spill proof cup that they can learn to drink from without a straw. This is for 6 months and older and holds 8 ounces. I love to have them practice drinking water or milk from this as a transition from sippy cups with straws.  This cup easy sips from anywhere on the rim. It has a pressure sensitive TOUCH-FLO  that is a soft silicon rim insert designed to prevent any spills. It is super soft and gentle for baby's gums and teeth. When they put pressure on the silicone as they try to sip, it releases the liquid for them to drink; and when they stop drinking it seals! This cup is BPA free and has been my girls favorite that they always ask for! I think this is just a great learning tool to help them transition from bottle or sippy cups. I also really love this cup for car rides because it is spill proof, so if they drop it (or throw it) on the ground it doesn't leak or spill all over (thank you Nuby!) PLUS no cleaning straws!!  This item is available at Meijer's and is coming soon to Amazon!

Overall we love our Nuby Feeding Essentials and the girls loved using them at our table for lunch! We are very happy with these products and recommend them to any parent looking for helpful and useful toddler and baby tableware! I will be using these for every meal to help make clean up so much easier!

I received these items in exchange for my honest opinion and review of them, all opinions are my own. Thank you Nuby for Sponsoring this post!

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