Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Toddler Road Trip Necessities

We are about to do a very (very) long car ride with two toddlers! They are 3 years old and almost 2 years old and I know it is going to be hard on them. It will all be worth it though when they get to play with their cousins for a whole week! I put together a list to share with you of the things I am bringing to keep them entertained and busy and hopefully happy on our trip!

1. Mess Free Markers - I definitely have mentioned these before, they are fantastic! The markers are like those "magic markers" from when I was a kid and they only color in the coloring books made for them. They make no markings on their clothes, face, furniture, anything else! I love these for trips!

2. Surprise Pouches- They make several of these for different things like My Little Pony, Doc Mcstuffins, Sofia the First, etc. I am going to save these for when they are really not happy and surprise them with them! They will be so excited, they just love the idea of getting a little package to open that is a surprise!

3. New DVDs - I got them two new movies that they haven't seen yet to watch on their DVD players in the car. I got Pinocchio and a My Little Pony disc I saw at Target for only $4! They are going to love getting to watch new movies and this is hours of entertainment! My plan is to not let them watch a lot of tv the day before and I think this will help too.

4.  Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Pad - I found these at Target for under $5 a piece. I got Zoey a princess one and Makenzie a Dinosaur one, catering to their favorites at the moment. These are awesome! They are huge and there are pages of scenes that they can decorate with stickers that actually can be moved around. They are going to love these!

5. Activity tray with NotePad and Crayons - I found this in the "Dollar Spot" but it was $5 and I think this will make it easy for them to color on. It is a hard clipboard to hold their coloring pages and opens up to hold their note paper and color crayons. I think Zoey will enjoy this the most and be able to hold it on her lap.

6. Ipad- This is probably a given but the Ipad can be a lifesaver in many situations. Both the girls love to play games on this and it can keep them occupied for long periods of time.

7. Candy - I know I know, candy in the car is probably not the BEST idea... but hey anything to stop the screaming right? I am bringing some emergency candy in case (mostly Kenzie) is inconsolable because .. well... candy.  They both will stop crying for some candy! Haha!

8. Snacks - Of course I am bringing tons of snacks for them (and some for the adults too) I grabbed their favorites Pirate's Booty, Goldfish, Pretzel Sticks, Cookies, Granola Bars and I will be bringing bananas and fresh cut up strawberries and blueberries as well. I plan to take a little cold pack and put their milk, maybe some yogurt, the fruits, and a few other drinks in it.

9. Nuby Snack and Sip Cup - This is the perfect cup for a road trip with kiddos. They can fill it with snacks on top and their drink goes in the cup. They love eating out of this and having both things in one hand is very helpful for the little ones in the car!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our Family Fun "Weekend" Recap

We had a great "weekend" all together as a family, and I say "weekend" because it was technically Sunday and Monday but my husband had those days off so that is what we will call it. It was a nice weekend with no plans so we just did some random stuff and had a really great time. The weather was really up and down, it would start out sunny and bright (but still hot and humid) and then rain later in the afternoon. I had planned to take the kids in the backyard both afternoons for some pool time but it rained too hard for us to be able to do that. We still had a great time anyways.

On Sunday morning I got to get away to Target all by myself while hubby stayed with the kids. I have to say, this is my favorite "me time" thing to go do. I have to take the kids to Target with me pretty often and it's usually a rush of trying to get everything on my list and keeping them from screaming the entire time. I usually go through several packets of gummies and still end up leaving forgetting something. When I go alone I usually take my sweet time and just browse all the aisles (picking up extra things we don't need of course.) That's okay though it makes me happy and I can finally take my time picking out new bedding without being distracted. I really like to look through the clearance rack for the girls in the toddler section, but if they are with me they get bored really fast! We are taking a road trip this week and it is a long one, so I ended up grabbing lots of snacks for the girls as well as some surprise toys and a few dvds to watch in the car. I hope I grabbed enough to keep them entertained for most of the trip, knowing them they'll be happy with constantly snacking. hah!

I was also able to sit and enjoy a lunch out by myself! I do not usually go do this but I did not want to share my chicken salad for once so I sat at McAlister's and enjoyed myself and brought home hubby a sandwich after. It was so nice to just sit and eat... alone. Before I became a mother I never ate anywhere alone and thought it was awkward, little did I know the enjoyment and peace of doing this.

We spent the afternoon working on a large puzzle at home and the girls have actually been really involved and helping us work on it. It is the Beauty and the Beast one we got from our Disney trip, and it has been a fun activity for us all to work on.

We decided to take the kids out to dinner, which is something we never actually do. They are getting older and a little bit easier to take out. We went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant down the street from our house and we had a great time. I love all the decor in that place, all the seats have beautiful artwork of scenes on them. I also love the atmosphere; it is very family friendly and a loud fun place to relax and have dinner at. Zoey requested a burrito and we also got fries and chicken (always a winner) for Kenzie and they both shared and ate most of their meals! I was pleasantly surprised becuase they are usually picky eaters! I enjoyed a quesadilla and pina colada, it was delicious!

On Monday we all went for a family run around our neighborhood, we did 2 miles. I have been aiming for 2 miles on my runs lately and came home and did some arm workouts. After we all played outside and the girls helped dad wash the cars and also colored with chalk on the driveway. I like to help them color but the only thing I am good at is a rainbow and a dog I learned to draw as a kid. Lol.

Later the hubs put together a big BBQ feast and it was so nice. I was craving BBQ and have been really watching what I eat lately (trying to be healthier) and it was nice to just indulge. He cooked up hot dogs, hamburgers, and crinkle cut fries the girls went crazy for those hot dogs and fries! They also had cut up watermelon and cantaloupe with their dinner. This was a nice treat because he is not always home to BBQ for us.

Before bed we watched a movie and the girls had popcorn (their favorite late night snack) They have just discovered the Incredibles movie and Zoey is obsessed with superheros, so we watched that one, again.

Overall we had such great family time while my husband was off. My favorite part was being able to take them out to dinner and both of them were happy and behaved the entire time! Now I will be spending today getting ready for our trip which means lots of packing and cleaning! Anybody else like to come home to a totally clean house after a trip? Haha!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Disney World Magic Kingdom May 2017 {The Happiest (and hottest) place on Earth}

We are huge fans of going to Disney World (as you can probably tell from my Blog we go often.) We decided to go to celebrate for my Birthday as well as Mother's Day to spend the day there with the girls.  We usually go more towards the beginning of the year when it is cooler temperatures and I was not expecting it to be so hot! I cannot imagine what is it like in August! Anyways, we still had a wonderful day and the girls had so much fun. I usually just take pictures with my phone but this time I wanted to practice with my Canon Rebel and got some pretty good pictures of the kids. 

When you first walk into the park you walk into the Town Square on Main street. There is an area in front of the Town Square Theater that has this bench with Walt Disney and Minnie Mouse statues and it was a good photo op. I thought it was so cute the way the girls were holding onto them. There was a line just in front of us to see Pluto but it was really long so we just decided to head back into Fantasy Land where you can meet Minnie, Daisy, Goofy, and Donald all in the Circus tent!

I always have to get the Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream and take some pictures. It is one of my favorites! I also got a churro but forgot to take pictures. hah!

Here are the girls at "Pete's Silly Side Show" in the circus tent meeting some of their favorite characters! This tent is a little hidden in my opinion and I discovered it a few trips back thanks to my Disney World App!  Kenzie was so sleepy at this point and ready for a nap, so she was pretty shy with them. They both did amazing waiting in the lines though, sometimes that can be tough for the little ones! Luckily the lines are always short for this character meet and we only waited 20 minutes, twice. You have to wait in one line for Minnie and Daisy then a separate line for Donald and Goofy.

 Kenzie squeezed Minnie's nose! Everyone was laughing! Look at how Zoey is holding her, so sweet!! They just love Minnie Mouse!
 Zoey was the most excited to meet Goofy, but you can't really tell by her expression because she didn't really want to smile for pictures. She gave him lots of hugs though!

 I love how Zoey is holding Donald's face for the hug. You can see Kenzie being shy and I think she was just tired.

 Zoey requested to go on the "Elephant ride" which was "Dumbo the Flying Elephant." When you wait in line there is a play area where they give you a pager that will buzz when it's your turn and your kids can go play while they wait! It is actually really great and the girls loved playing in this little area. They have some bigger kid stuff where they can climb up too but our girls stayed in this smaller area. The wait time was not too bad for this ride we waited about 30 minutes and having the play session in the middle of it really helped the kids a lot!

 They both really loved this ride. I thought Kenzie would be scared up this high but she said "weeee" the entire time. I think I was more scared than her! You can make it fly high and fly low with a control knob. It can seat up to 3 I believe, Alex went in one with Zoey and Kenzie and I went in another one.

We had a fastpass for "It's a Small World" and it was a great place to get some good pictures but most people have been on this ride or seen pictures so I tried to limit the amount I posted. I really loved these Hula Girls. I think this is a good ride for small kids it is a very slow boat ride and they just love all the visuals. With our fast passes we only waited like 5 minutes!

The characters outfits were really detailed and I love all the glitter on a lot of the decor. We actually got backed up on this ride and had to sit and wait for it to keep moving for a while. I always panic when this happens. Hah!

My favorite part is when you exit it has all these signs that say "Goodbye" in different languages from all over the world. I just think it's really cute and a fun way to end the ride, I like to read them to the kids.

We also rode "Peter Pan's Flight." That ride is a simulated flying boat that is all dark inside and you look down on lit up houses and roads. It has this black light effect so you can see all the characters and decor. You can see a large Peter Pan and Wendy in their boat too! I did not take any pictures because it was just too dark and semi faster pace. It is really neat inside but for some reason it does spook me a little. The girls really liked this one but Zoey kept saying, "it's too dark, why is it so dark?" haha! I was so glad to have a fastpass for this ride, it was a 75 minute wait and we only waited about 15 minutes! This is one of the top rides to get a fastpass for if you can, it is very popular.

Next we went on the Teacups, this is one of our favorites. The wait is not usually long, we waited about 15 minutes. The girls love it and Zoey was our spinner she wanted to go "super fast!"

We were all hangry after all of this fun and we were hustling from ride to ride so we made a pit stop at Pinocchio Village Haus for some food and a little break. Alex and I shared a (mediocre at best) pepperoni flatbread and the girls got french fries and chicken nuggets. It was a big enough place we could bring our double stroller into, so that was a huge plus. We easily found seating and the girls really loved the Pinocchio painting on the wall behind us. We all felt much better after a meal, lots of cold water, and sitting in the air conditioning for a bit!

Makenzie fell asleep in the stroller (finally) and it was time for our final fastpass on "The Little Mermaid," so Alex took Zoey and I waited with Kenzie in the shade so she could sleep a bit. I love that little mermaid ride but we were all so hot at this point and ready to leave I didn't mind resting in the shade.

My husband discovered a little store called "Bonjour! Village Gifts" that sells only Beauty and The Beast items and he made the mistake of showing it to me. I want it all! They had some really great display pieces, art to hang, Belle princess gowns and t-shirts and so much more. I got a puzzle and an ornament and am in love! I probably would have gotten more but most of the items were breakables and Zoey was getting a little handsy so I had to hurry and leave, but my husband is probably happy about that! I just love that little shop so much, I will definitely be collecting from there everytime I go from now on!

Later we decided to take a small break and sit on a planter box and The Muppets did a little show out of this building's window.  The girls really enjoyed watching it from the stroller. It was a nice break for us and entertaining for the kiddos so it worked out really well. Zoey loved seeing Kermit the Frog!

We decided to leave about 5, which is pretty early for us. It was just so hot and we were all worn down. The kids got grumpy so we headed home. We had a really great day at Disney World and I love taking my girls to meet the characters they love and have fun on the rides! I always said I would take my kids often while they're young if I could, and I am so grateful it is something we can take them to experience. We are so lucky to live only an hour away and the Florida resident discount doesn't hurt either. 

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