Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Silver Springs State Park in Ocala Florida

While my mom was here visiting we decided to go check out Silver Springs State Park. This is close to where we live but the girls and I have never visited this park before. I was really excited to see what it was all about. It cost only $2 each to enter the park and there are tons of trails to walk all over and see the nature and all the park has to offer.

There was this huge pretty water fountain when you first enter the park. Great photo op! I got a shot of grandma with her granddaughters but when I said to smile Zoey turned away (being a threenager) and her copy cat lil' sissy followed suit. Silly girls.

 We then paid about $20 per adult to go on a glass bottom boat tour over the spring water. I was expecting the boat to be all glass and everyone to be standing on it but I was relieved to find it is actually a seat all around the boat and only the center is glass.

The girls are checking out the fish down under the glass bottom. The water was pretty clear and some of the springs we went over were so beautiful. Some were over 85 ft. deep, some were covered in sparkling rocks or shells, some were bright blue, and some were green. 

This blue was magnificent it was so shiny and there were a lot of fish over this spring! 
The girls really enjoyed this boat ride.. for the first 10 minutes.. then they were over it and ready to move onto something else. 
The colors in the water were so pretty! 

After the glass bottom boat tour we walked around some of the trails to check out the park and we found this frog tongue slide, the girls loved it!

They went on this slide so many times and when they were done they were covered in dirt from the bottom of the tongue. Now that is some kid fun!

After we walked around for as much as the girls could handle (which was not much to be honest and I forgot the stroller) we stopped and grabbed some delicious ice cream! 
 Another picture with Grandma! She sure loves her grandbabies and they were so happy to have here around!

When we first got to the park we were all hungry so we stopped to eat at the food area they had before we did our boat tour. I actually recommend eating before you go visit this park because the food was really over priced and not really that good. I also wish I would have brought the stroller because then we could have walked around a little more but I forgot it and the girls got tired so our walk did not last very long. We had a really great time on the boat tour and even though I am not very outdoorsy I enjoyed this park very much. I would love to be able to go back and rent a kayak some day and get to adventure on the spring waters. You can rent a kayak right at the park! This park is a very family friendly and fun place to visit. We made some great memories at this park and I look forward to taking the girls back for a visit soon.

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