Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Every year around spring break we make a trip to Disney World. We love it, the kids love it, and it helps that it's only an hour away. This year we decided to visit Disney's Hollywood Studios because we have not been yet! Here are some pictures from our recent trip.

I love getting these Mickey Shaped ice creams whenever we are in Disney. So Fun!

Zoey loves Starwars and they had an entire stage where they did StarWars performances. She saw the storm troopers and got so excited to say hi... but they did not say hi as you know they are not very friendly. 

It was very hot and sunny and this was before we bought them both new Minnie Mouse hats!

She loves Sofia and gave her a big hug when she got to meet her. Makenzie was taking a nap in the stroller so she did not get to meet Sophia the First with Zoey.

 One of Zoey's favorite things to do these days is "go up on Daddy's head"
 We were waiting to see the Frozen sing along and this is her excited face! She wore her Anna dress all day and even picked the Anna (flip it over and it's Elsa) doll she is holding right before we went to see this. (I have to say the Frozen sing along was fun but I was disappointed; it was basically the music scenes from the movie with subtitles not actual characters on the stage. There were a few character appearances but I thought they were going to sing all the songs with us.. FYI they don't)
 Disney Churro is a must! So good! We all shared this one and I think it was Makenzie's favorite.

 Here is Makenzie and Daddy! This is the Minnie mouse hat that each of the girls got! I had been looking for the perfect summer hat for them and think this one is so cute!

 Enjoying a snack break; they got popcorn and ice cream. I didn't take a picture of the popcorn buckets but they are the best! The girls just loved it and you get $1 refills!

Here they got to meet Moana!!! We were all so excited! They have been obsessed with Moana as of lately. Zoey asked me the night before if she could meet her when we went to Disney and I actually had no idea if she would be there so I told her we would try. I was beyond thrilled when I saw that she was there for the girls to meet! This made their whole day! They talked about their necklaces and the girls adored her.

Don't forget when you go to use your Disney World App to select your 3 fast passes for the day! We used the fast pass for the Frozen Sing Along, The Disney Jr live on stage, and the Toy Story ride. I would say you do not need a fast pass for any of the on stage performances. There are plenty of seats and the passes don't help that much. We actually showed up late to the Disney Jr one and it was packed and we sat in back and it was perfectly fine. We were able to see the Little Mermaid with no fast pass and sat in the front row (this was my favorite stage performance!) I would recommend using fast passes for the Toy Story ride for sure and the roller coasters if you want to ride those.

We had a great time at Disney Hollywood Studios and I can't wait to go back so we can meet some of the Star Wars characters! When we went to go get in line to meet some Makenzie was napping and we did not want to risk her waking up if we took her out of the stroller so we ended up skipping that line.
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