Sunday, April 30, 2017

10 Reasons To Date Your Spouse

My husband and I do not ever go on date nights. Recently my mom came to visit and we decided to leave the kids with her a few times and go out on some nice dates. It was the best 3 nights we have had in a long time and it made me realize how important date night is.

The first date we went on was to Carrabba's Italian Grill. I had been wanting to go to this restaurant forever and we had not eaten there since before our oldest was born.  I ordered my favorite a creamy pasta garlic shrimp dish. It was just as good as I remembered too! We filled up on the bread and I enjoyed my yummy Peach Sangria. We had the best waiter ever and even got to try an appetizer on him! We actually finished our dinner only after an hour and we did not want to go home yet. I couldn't think of anything to do and after we vetoed target or seeing a movie we just decided to go home. I could not wait until we got to go enjoy a kid free meal again!

The next date we went on was to Longhorn Steakhouse. It was so good! We ordered our favorite steaks, I got another sangria of course, and we ordered the best chocolate molten lava cake for dessert. It was so nice getting to talk without (the usual) interruptions from the kids. We sat there a little while after we were done just to enjoy being out alone together. My husband is so funny and he was really good at making me laugh while we were out together. I needed that so much. We were able to talk about a lot of things that we usually don't get to finish our conversation about. Kid free nights are something we didn't even realize we needed!

Our final date night was to a teppanyaki place that is down the road from our house. This was the best date night we had! We shared a bottle of saki and ordered our favorite meals. I always get double rice in place of noodles with shrimp and filet! The veggies are my favorite though, and we love having leftovers to take home. We laughed so much on this date! We were joking and sitting right next to each other instead of across from each other, which was actually really fun. We got to hold hands and goof around together. What a great date this was and I felt like we were a lot closer and more connected after our date.

Now that I have realized just how important spending time alone together is we will be planning to go out more often. It was so nice to be out on a few dates with my husband and I cannot believe we have been missing out on that much fun! We laughed so hard and just had such a great time together. I wanted to put together my 10 reasons why date night is so important to share with you all and so I can also look back on this later!

Here are my 10 reasons why date night is so important.

1. Time alone to enjoy conversation without interruptions or censoring.

2. Laughing together. Being out without the stresses of home and kids had me laughing harder than I have in a long time.

3. Getting to enjoy nice fancy adult beverages (win!)

4. Reconnecting with your spouse and getting to just sit and be alone together.

5. Not having to worry about cooking and cleaning up.

6. Having a reason to get dressed up and feel good about yourself.

7. Getting time away from your kids makes you miss and appreciate them more.

8. Getting time alone with your spouse makes you love and appreciate them more.

9. Enjoying a nice dinner and dessert that is not home cooked (like every other night.)

10. Making your marriage a priority helps strengthen your relationship and is good for the entire family.

I hope this encourages you to go on a date with your spouse! Do you have any great date night ideas?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Break Daytona Beach

The weather has been just beautiful lately and I have been wanting to take the girls to the beach for a few weeks now. We decided to be spring breakers and make our way to Daytona Beach for the day, and we had an absolute blast. This was the first beach trip where we actually got to enjoy the beach and not worry about one of them running off too far or eating too much sand! The girls loved playing all day and we had so much fun playing with them. Makenzie loved the water until she landed on her bottom in it and decided she was scared of it from there on out (even though it was nice and warm.) Zoey, my little adventurer, loved all of it except for the sand in her eyes, but nobody likes that! Here are some pictures I captured of our amazing day.

Firsts things firsts, we had to stop for donuts on our way out to Daytona. We got about an hour into our drive before stopping at a random gas station that had the best looking pink donuts and the girls had to have one! I also grabbed an apple fritter for my husband and I, these are my favorite, along with some cold Starbucks drinks, of course. Makenzie was so happy to have this pink donut! Look at that smile!

When we finally made it to the beach the girls could not wait to go play in the water! Zoey likes to just pick up the sand and throw it into the water and they both loved running from the water as it rushed in and out with the waves.

These are my favorite pictures of the girls together.

Kenzie let me take one picture with her and I am so glad to have this one!

If your hair is full of sand you know you're having a good time!

We brought bubbles for the girls to play with but the wind took them away so fast they hardly noticed them. I did catch this picture with a few bubbles Alex was blowing, and I think it looks pretty cool!

We have our own tent that we brought but when we got there these chairs were in the perfect spot and were open so we decided to just rent them instead. I have to say it was really nice to have the lounge chairs and umbrella for the day. 

We decided to walk up to the Daytona Beach Board Walk to grab a bite to eat for lunch when we got hungry. My favorite place to eat when we are at Daytona Beach is Bubba Gump Shrimp! I love shrimp and look forward to this place whenever we visit. We decided to sit outside since we were covered in sand and the kids enjoyed coloring pages and crayons while we sipped on our adult beverages.
I got the Starboard Sunrise and Alex got a Coronarita. They were both delicious !

I usually get Forrest's Seafood Feast because it's a little bit of everything to enjoy. I did ask for coconut shrimp instead of the normal battered shrimp it came with though. So good!

Zoey and Makenzie shared a grilled cheese sandwich and fries; they were happy girls!

After lunch we went back down to the beach to play and enjoy the rest of our afternoon by the water. We had such a great time that I am already planning when we can go back!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Disney Trip Essentials with 2 under 3

These are my must haves for Disney with 2 little ones! We love to visit Disney and with trial and error I now know what to bring to have a smooth toddler meltdown free day! These are just my top things but you may still need diapers, a change of clothes for each child, a stroller, and anything else they may need such as medication. I want to do another list for the mommy essentials so this is just covering the little ones.

1. Kids Water Bottle

You can bring your own water bottles into the park and refill them at the fountain. I bring one for each child and one for each adult too. That way the kids always have water and a cup they are used to drinking from.

2. Kids Sunglasses

My kids are so sensitive to the sun so they both request their sunglasses whenever we are outside, do not forget these!

3. Your Own Camera

If you have a nice DSLR camera I would suggest bringing it. You will get better pictures than with your phone and won't have to pay for the pictures they take for you. They have no problem with you using your own camera and will even take pictures for you with it.

4. Snacks

You can bring your own snacks into the park so I always bring some for the kids such as goldfish packs, go go squeez, and fruit snacks. We do love to buy snacks at the park but if you're waiting in line, or they get fussy, snacks on hand are great.

5. Sunblock

Don't forget the sunblock for kids and adults!

6. Sunhats

Both my girls need hats so I bring them each one and the adults each one too. It is hot and very sunny sometimes and it helps a lot.

7. Backpack

I would recommend a backpack instead of a diaper bag to carry everything so you can easily bring it with you when you go on a ride.

8. Magic bands 

If your kids don't need tickets to get into the park then they don't need a magic band but you will still need yours.

9. Baby wipes

I would bring these even if I didn't have a little one in diapers, these are super helpful when it comes to sticky messes.

10. Poncho

It rains a lot at Disney World and it can be for just 20 minutes or a few hours so you may not want to leave. You can purchase these at the park or take some with you but they are great to have on hand! We were at Animal Kingdom when it was raining one day and actually loved it because most of the people left and using ponchos helped us all stay dry and still enjoy the park.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sholom Park

We visited a local park called Sholom park the other day. It was such a nice and sunny day that wasn't too hot yet and the girls had fun walking around and exploring this beautiful park. They have a large water fountain pond on one side of the park and trails that take you all over the place. There is a lot of really pretty nature to be seen but the girls favorite was this small water fountain they could play with. They love being free and running around; it was a great adventure for them. I tried to get a few pictures of them together but ended up with mostly candid stuff of them playing and I think they turned out beautiful. 

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