Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Spring Cleaning {plus} A List of Things You Can Purge from Your Home

This new year sparked something in me that wanted to deep clean, purge, and organize my home. I will admit that I actually enjoy organizing and purging so it is not really a chore for me but I do like to go through each area of the home and make sure I purge as much as possible for a cleaner and more efficient living space. I find the cumulation of stuff to be really suffocating and prefer simplifying my house. I do really love home decor so even though I have some spaces decorated I can still find a lot of things to donate or throw away. I know that for me it helps to have some ideas of things I can throw out and get some motivation on where to start. I have found that if something has value I can sell it on ebay and make a little extra cash. If it still usable but not worth my time to try to sell I will donate it to GoodWill; which is super easy with there car drop off area. If it is useless or broken I will just throw it away. I wanted to go through the areas I have organized and purged and maybe give you some motivation to get a head start on your spring cleaning too!

I started with the closets in the house. I pulled everything out and folded all the things I knew I would keep and placed them back on the shelves neatly, then donated everything else. For the hall closets I donated towels that never got used, blankets we never use, and an entire bedding set for my king bed that I knew we would not use again. I held onto that king bedding set for years and it was time to just accept it was no longer my style and let it go. I was able to purge some towels for the girls that never got used because they just were not absorbent and I had bought them plenty more to replace those with. I also got rid of hand towels that were stained and not pretty. I purchased a few plastic organizing bins from the dollar store and placed extra lotions and bathroom things in them so it would look more organized. I also used one bin for small cleaning cloths, and one to house a humidifier. I then went through the girls closets I pulled out all the clothes that no longer fit them and folded them and stored them into big plastic storage containers. I also purchased big bins for their shoes from TJMaxx that I think make the closet look really cute. For the tops of their closets they both have plastic bins that I put their art supplies in, as well as holiday books for storage until the holidays, and a few other random things. It looks really nice and neat with the plastic bins for storage above and the big shoe bin below. I also went through my husband and I's closets and just donated a bunch of clothes we no longer wear. The biggest tip I have for this is to pull everything out and go through it all one by one only putting back the things you wear and making a donate pile for the stuff you no longer use.

Next I decided to purge and organize all our drawers. I went through all the dresser and nightstand drawers in our home and mostly threw away all the random useless stuff in there. There were a lot of old phone cords, old phone cases, old phones, no longer used knick knacks such as coasters and broken sunglasses. I do not think there was much to donate so I just threw it all away and organized the drawers a bit. For the dressers I just took out all the clothes folded and put back what I wear and donated the rest. I rediscovered a few clothing pieces I forgot about too!

I then went through the pantry. I threw out everything that was expired and put to donate a few canned goods we were not going to use. I also got a bunch of plastic bins from the dollar store to organize this area and put snacks on the bottom where the kids could reach, and then used the bins to also sort pasta, chips, and canned goods. It looks so much better now!

I also purged the kitchen cupboards I found I had a ton of travel coffee mugs and water bottles that we no longer use because we have newer ones we prefer. I also had a huge grill that I was able to donate and a quesadilla maker as well. I tossed a ton of flower vases and kept only one. I was surprised by how much extra stuff in the kitchen I was able to get rid of. I even sold my magic baby food bullet on ebay!

The office was something I was dreading going through to be honest. It kind of became a dumping ground for things. I had to sort through the huge pile of papers which either needed to be filed, shredded, or tossed. That took a really long time! Then I just took everything down from the desk shelves and wiped them clean only putting back one picture to make it look a little more neat. I cleared off the desk and all the cords around the computer. I also organized the area where we keep our printer and printer papers, it is two short shelving units and contains baskets and plastic bins to organize pictures and cords. I felt so much better once this room was all cleaned out!

Those are the major things I did to organize and purge our home. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders being able to get rid of so much JUNK! I hope this inspires you to also get a start on some organizing and purging!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Here is a list of things you can purge from your home to donate, sell, or toss:

*old phone cords
*old phones or ipods
*any cord you do not use anymore
*broken sunglasses
*unmatched socks
*clothes that do not fit anymore
*shoes that you haven't worn in over a year
*expired make-up
*old lotions or body washes
*expired medicines
*unused towels
*unused bedding or blankets
*anything with holes in it
*jewelry you no longer wear
*home decor that no longer suits your style
*flower vases
*travel mugs or water bottles you have an excess of
*kitchen appliances you no longer use (grills, waffle makers, extra crock pots etc)
*chipped plates or bowls
*kids cups that are broken or missing pieces
*baby things you no longer need
*expired foods
*tupperware containers with no match
*junk mail
*old bills
*old statements
*any papers you no longer need
*picture frames you do not use
*broken appliances
*old hair brushes
*broken hair styling tools
*extra curling irons you do not need
*extra travel or make up bags
*toys that are broken
*toys that do not get played with
*dvds or blu-rays you never watch
*books you will not read again
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