Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World Magic Kingdom

The girls and I met up with my cousin who was visiting from California with her two boys to go to Disney World during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in October! My husband had to work so I braved Disney alone with the girls (well with my cousin and her kids of course) and we had a blast! The girls loved being there at night and enjoying an amazing firework show as well as getting to meet their favorite characters! The girls were troopers and stayed up until midnight I was very impressed! Here are some pictures from our super fun night at Disney!

Give us all the Goodies!!

This was taken at midnight and that is why they look so wild (disheveled) ! It was a crazy late night for them!

The firework show was amazing!!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hurricane Irma

As many of you know we were recently hit by Hurricane Irma here in Central Florida. It hit southern Florida pretty hard and did a lot of damage to the Keys and up the western coast. By the time it got to us it was only a category 1 and I honestly thought we would hardly feel it.. but it was still a rough storm for this area. Most of Florida lost power and we were only without for 2 days while some are still without power almost a week later and some don't have water either. In my town it knocked down a lot of trees and caused some damage to cars and homes but most of us stayed in our homes and were safe inside during the storm. There was mandatory evacuations for southern Florida and I even considered it myself and decided it would be better to try to stick it out because coming home would be hard and also resources to leave were gone, such as gas and hotel rooms north.

I will be honest I started panicking when the winds first picked up around 9pm and I had to call a few people to keep me busy and calm me down. The girls slept the first few hours in one of our master closets because it is on the opposite side of the house as the huge tree we were worried about falling on the home over the girls rooms. They did wake up and start playing around so I had to put them in the bed in our room to get them back to sleep. We had power all night while the wind was very strong outside and it finally went out at 630am. I noticed the wind picked up a lot about 5am which is when it was going over us and it remained very high and scary sounding until about 7am. I was laying in bed with the girls and they slept through it while I laid there holding them close listening to the scary wind praying over and over the tree would not fall on our home. When the power went out it made me jump even though I had been waiting for it to go out all night. It was so scary laying there with them hearing the wind outside but we made it through with no tree falling and no damage to the house. I was so glad when the night was finally over.

The girls woke up about 7 and we were able to slowly get out of bed and check out how it looked outside through the windows. It was still dark and the girls did not really understand what was going on so they just wanted entertainment asap so we played with play-doh right away. We hung out in the house all day with no power and just kind of stayed occupied with puzzles and games. I had no cellphone reception most the day which was frustrating because I could not update my family or make any phone calls.. it was actually really boring to be inside with no phone and no power.  By afternoon time it was still windy but we walked next door to see if their phones worked and how they were doing. We have some really great neighbors who helped me tie down our trampoline, put our bbq safely on the patio, and checked on us constantly I am so grateful for them because hubby was out of town and they helped me a lot. We spent some time with them and they did have phone service so I made a few calls and was able to update my family.
My husband was in England and landed in Newark Monday they then decided to drive all night to get home by Tuesday morning. If he would have waited for a flight it would have put him home Thursday! I was so glad he decided to rush home to make sure we were okay and be with us after such a stressful time.

We were out of power until Tuesday and we were so glad when it came back on and we never lost the use of water. I did not appreciate having air conditioning as much as I do now after not having it for a few days (and it wasn't even that hot after the storm.)

Life is starting to resume around us, schools are closed until Monday so families can get things in order if they have houses or cars damaged. Businesses are reopening even though many of their employes still have no water and electricity. I have ran a few errands around town and notice giant fallen trees still all over the town and lots of debris that has been collected by home owners yards and placed on the side of the streets to be collected. Still things are moving forward the utility men are hard at work trying to restore power to everyone. We cleaned up our yard and things could have been so much worse for us so we are very grateful. I am praying for all the families that are now displaced because of the storm and those that have damage. I know that a lot of people are coming together to help those in need.

I have lived in Florida for 6 years now and this was the first time I was really scared for hurricane to come through where we live. I hope we don't have to relive a situation like this and if we do hope we can be prepared as possible.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Our Kitchen Remodel Reveal

We finally decided to update our kitchen and my husband worked really hard to make it the classic farmhouse style I have fallen in love with. I wanted all white cupboards with bronze hardware and white subway tile backsplash. We already had the granite black with gold flakes counter tops and I think it's a great contrast against the white! I just love how it all came out. My husband painted the cabinets and put in the backsplash himself and he did such a wonderful job! Here are the before and after pictures of our kitchen!



It is amazing what simply painting the cabinets did for the space! The white makes it so much more bright in the kitchen and it even feels bigger. It's a great way to liven up the kitchen without spending a lot (if you do it yourself.) Adding the dark bronze hardware really added some great accents and I love how it tied into the counter so well. I love how simple and clean the white backsplash looks, it's just so classic and really made the look complete! I am so happy with our new kitchen make over and so thankful to my wonderful hubby who put in all the hard work to make it exactly how I wanted!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How I Manage Being a Work Widow

Work Widow is a term I stumbled upon a while ago and it basically means a wife that stays home while her husband is often away for work. I stay home with our two little girls who are 3 and 2 years old while my husband travels for work. My husband works in gokarting and they race all over traveling the country and even the world.  He does a lot of travel all over the state of Florida where we live and where racing is very popular. He can be gone anywhere from a day or two, to weeks at a time.  Sometimes he drives only a few hours away sometimes he drives for days and other times he takes a plane flight. He is such a hard worker and I admire him for the passion he has for racing.

This is not an easy life, being away from your spouse for long periods of time, but a lot of people do it and it works very well for our family. I am by no means able to relate to military families, single parents, or widowed parents and this is not a comparison. This is just my life and how we are living and I want to be able to share my experiences with my audience. Here are some of the things I have learned and that have helped me as a stay at home mother and wife while my husband is away for work.

Stay Positive.  I try to always have a positive outlook on every situation when it comes to him working and traveling. If I keep a good positive tone on the situation my kids feed off of that and they too will be positive about it. If I were to be negative or argue about him traveling or having to work or be gone for an amount of time it wouldn't really help anyone, we would all be miserable! Staying positive is so important for all of us and I have never given him any grief about having to work, I know he is home as much as he can be and that is all that matters.

Be Supportive. My goal is to always support my husband in his career. He loves doing what he does and he works very hard at it. He grew up racing and being apart of something he is proud of and enjoys doing is very important to him. From the moment we got married I have been able to support and trust in all his decisions. From moving (across the country), to new job opportunities, to adjusting to travel I have stood behind him 100%. It is so important for you to have faith in your spouse and be supporting in their career decisions so they feel like they are able to make the best decisions for the family and feel like you have their back in those decisions. Being united together is really helpful in being understanding of the situation and makes our marriage very strong.

Make the most of our time together. When my husband is home he usually gets a few days off or more so we like to do fun things as a family. We will plan fun trips to the beach or zoo or find something local that is going on to go enjoy. I also like to take some time for myself so I do a trip to Target and Starbucks ALONE and it helps keeps me sane! We also like to just relax at home and spend the day watching movies, playing games with the kids, and doing puzzles. They love to play with daddy  and when he is home he is 100%  about them and making them happy.

Being able to video call with the kids. This one is a great perk of modern day technology! The kids love that they can call daddy on video calling and get to see him while he is away. I think it helps for both parties to be able to see each other a little bit when he is gone for a long time. The kids absolutely love it and I know he enjoys it too. It makes him feel not so far away to us.

Finding fun things to do (even when he is away.) I really try to do fun things for the kids, since they are both still home everyday (Zoey starts preschool in August woohoo!) We play with play-doh, color, go for runs, play in the backyard with the pool or trampoline, make slime, go to the park or splash pad, whatever! I just try to make the days fun for them. I really love to read with them as well. As they are getting older it is easier for me to take them places by myself. I have taken them to the bookstore, splash pad, and the park so they can have some fun. It really helps my husband to know that the kids are having a good time and we are making the most of our days while he is away.

Focus on the house when he is working. I try to get a lot of household chores and errands done when he is away, that way when he is home we can just hang out as a family and not worry about that stuff. I will get groceries and do all the house cleaning and stuff when he is gone, then when he is home I am not worried or stressed about needing to clean or anything. This works really well for me and I think it helps to make his days off more relaxing. Unless there is something big around the house I cannot do that he will have to do then he helps with that.

Be Proud and Be Thankful. I am very proud of my husband and appreciate how hard he works to be able to provide for our family. I know we are very lucky and very blessed to be in a situation where he gets to do what he loves and I get to stay home with the kids. I am so very thankful for this life we live.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Weight Loss Journey How I Lost 20 Pounds

I did it!! I finally did it! I reached my first BIG goal of hitting 20 pounds lost! It took me 3 months and lots of hard work, but I am so excited to finally be here! I did a blog post on How I lost my First 10 Pounds  about a month ago and I still follow those guidelines. Those tips work the best for me for my weight loss and I have stuck to them during my journey. Just to recap I changed my eating habits, started working out almost daily, keep track of my progress, stay focused, and the most important of all I DID NOT GIVE UP!

I have tried to lose weight several times in my life and it would usually go like this: workout and eat the same, OR eat healthy and not workout, OR eat healthy and workout for a short period of time see no results and give up. It was always hard for me to stick to a lifestyle change because I didn't see results fast enough and would get discouraged. The hardest part is to stick with it but that is what has really helped me this time around. I just kept going even if the scale stayed the same (which it had a few times for weeks at a time) I really like how much better I FELT overall and I feel stronger and happier in general. I am more energetic during the day and find myself doing more things with my kids, I fit into my clothes better and have more confidence, and I am mentally less stressed and these are the changes that really kept me at it. I knew if I gave up I wouldn't feel this good so I kept going and the weight kept coming off (slowly but surely.)

Some weeks my weight would stay the same but I would measure myself and lost inches off my waist or hips and that also helps to keep me encouraged. I know that changing your life can be very hard and for me I still struggle with taking days off or eating unhealthy meals (because I feel extremely guilty) but it is okay to give yourself a break. Eating one cupcake or pizza one day is not going to make you gain back all the weight you lost, it's giving up and eating that stuff all the time that will.

I see a lot of things out there now to help with weight loss like diets, pills, shakes, whatever.. and I wanted to try it on my own without those things because I knew I could do it. The biggest thing that works for me is counting calories. I got a food scale and measure all my portions and track everything in my Samsung Health app on my phone and try to eat about 1200 calories a day. I also try to make those calories good ones like protein and fruit and veggies. I am still trying to not eat many carbs but I do have sandwiches and use sandwich thins for that or I will have one piece of toast instead of the usual two. I also traded a lot of things for lower calorie, sugar free, or even 0 calorie options. I use honey mustard instead of mayo, lower sugar jam (sparingly and only once in awhile if I crave toast) the "I can't believe it's not butter" spray is 0 calories, and they even have a whole wheat bread that is only 45 calories a slice (Sara Lee brand I think) I use egg whites instead of whole eggs and  if we are having spaghetti I make zoodles from Zucchini noodles! All of these small changes helped in my big results.

Continuing with my new lifestyle of running at least 5 times a week and making better food choices has really helped me reach my goal and my biggest advice is to just stick with it. Some new tips I have for you all is to get the family involved in outdoor activities, meal prep your food, and use substitutions (like the ones I mentioned above.) I find that if we are all outside going for a run it sets a good example for the kids and they really enjoy it. Showing them that being active is important, fun, and good for you is something that I think is so valuable. I also like to take my kids in the backyard and kick around a soccer ball or jump on the trampoline, they really love that too! Also cooking a big batch of chicken breast and veggies and portioning it out into containers to eat for lunch over the next few days helps me A LOT. It keeps me from binging when I am really hungry and makes it easy for me to have a meal ready to go. I like to make a lot of chicken and then use it for salads for the next 3 days. Also using substitutions in my meals has helped me a lot and I hope the ones I mentioned can give you some ideas on where to start with that.

I hope these new weight loss tips help you and encourage you to get active and start or continue on your own goals! I am now on to my next goal of losing another 10 pounds! Wish me luck! If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments. Thank you to everyone for all the encouragement and awesome support I love reading all the positive comments!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pink Blush Collaboration Floral Wrap Dress Review

Thank you to Pink Blush for sponsoring this post. I was gifted this dress in exchange for my honest opinion and review of it. All opinions are my own. 

Back in March right before Easter I went shopping to find the perfect Easter dress to wear to church and a family lunch. I went to a few department stores and tried some different ones on. I was 20 pounds heavier at the time and felt like nothing I tried on fit well and I did not feel good or confident. I ended up wearing a beautiful lace flowy top with jeans and felt awful. I was self conscious and unhappy with my weight and knew I needed to make a change. I have been working hard for months now on losing weight and have lost 20 pounds. I still cannot believe it until I look back at the pictures. I have a post on How I lost My First 10 Lbs and shared what has been working for me so far on my journey. I am still working hard to continue to lose weight but was ready to get that dress I had been looking for. 

Since losing the weight I decided I was going to find the perfect beautiful floral dress that I had dreamed of wearing since Easter. I knew it would make me feel so good to fit into a dress ( two sizes smaller than before!) and feel confident in a how I now looked in a dress so I chose this beautiful White Floral Wrap Dress from one of my favorite online shops Pink Blush. I knew I would love this dress because the floral print is gorgeous but I did not know how it would fit. I was really impressed with how well it fit and good it felt. It is so soft and comfortable, I absolutely love it. It's so flowy and feels perfect for spring or summer weather. I think it would be a beautiful dress to wear to a wedding and is a great piece for church as well. I feel so confident in this and as a stay at home mom getting to dress up feels really great sometimes. I do not have any dresses like this and am so happy with how it looked and good I felt in it. I am no fashionista and not a fashion blogger typically but I really love working with this brand because of how much I love their clothing. 

I am always impressed with Pink Blush and the beautiful pieces they have to offer. They are a great online boutique for women and women who are pregnant and nursing to find some beautiful, stylish, and comfortable clothing. I love their kimonos they currently have which are perfect for summer. The dress selection from them is huge and they have so many pretty floral options. I love wearing this brand and I know you will too. I love that this dress, along with their other dresses. are something that can transition into pregnancy and would be so comfortable and easy to wear while pregnant or nursing. It makes it a really versatile option to have on hand. I personally have been looking for something to wear out on a date night and I think this would be so fun to wear on a night out. I feel really great in it and I think it is the perfect mix of casual and comfy with a dressed up and fancy feel. The maxi dress style is something that is just great for summer and it has been so hot here lately so I love how it's lightweight enough to be cool for the summer but not sheer. 

I just love miss Kenzie's face in these next pictures. She is my little firecracker and I love that little pouty face. These girls loved my new dress and Zoey (my oldest) kept saying "wow mommy that's a new dress! It's so pretty!" She is such a sweet soul but I have to agree it is such a pretty dress and I felt really great (and pretty) in it.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Back to School Supplies for Preschool

My oldest daughter Zoey, who turned 3 in March, is going to start preschool in the middle of August. I still cannot believe it but we are all so ready. She is so smart and gets bored at home so I think it is going to be good for her to get structure, new challenges, and  instructions in a school setting and for us to also get a little time to miss each other. I have been with her everyday since she has been born. I have never left my babies, not for a babysitter, not for a trip, not for anything. This is going to be totally new for all of us and I am sure it will be hard at first, but she is so outgoing and so excited to start school. I know she will be fine and makes lots of new friends and I cannot wait for all the fun that school will bring for her and our lives.

Whenever we are out playing at a park or splash pad she always asks the other kids what they're names are says "my name is Zoey" she wants to play and is always the first to engage with others. She is outgoing just like her mama and I know she will walk into that classroom and not look back. She is so sweet and always the helpful one so I am sure she will find her place in the classroom quickly as the big helper and eager to learn student. I love her full of life soul and am so proud to see her move on to some big kid things!

I received a list of school supplies that needed to be purchased for her class and for herself and this is the round up of all those items! We went back to school shopping together at Target and she was ecstatic! She picked everything out herself and put it all in the cart and we went over the list together, it was so sweet and I really enjoyed having this experience with my big girl. Walking around the store with me and excited to find all the things she needed in the back to school section was the first time we got to do this and I thought it was just the best. Seeing her so happy and feeling like a such a big girl it made my mama bear heart so full. I thought I would share with you all the things we picked up for her for this upcoming school year (I also included the backpack she picked because UNICORN!) Here is the list of school supplies we got for my big preschooler!

• Crayons 24 count
• Washable Markers
• Elmer's clear glue
• 1 box Kleenex Tissues
• Disinfectant Wipes
• Antibacterial Hand Doap
• 6 oz Clear Plastic Cups
• Plastic Pronged 2- Pocket Folder
• Composition Notebook Wide-ruled
•Boys: Gallon ziploc bags and 500 count white copy paper
•Girls:Quart ziploc bags and color copy paper
• Baby wipes (sensitive skin)
• Lunch box with ice pack

Monday, July 17, 2017

10 Easy Ways To Save Money Starting Today

I wanted to put together a list of ways you can save money starting today! Saving money can be hard for anyone and whether you're trying to save for a vacation or pay off some debt this list of 10 ways to save money can help you reach your goal. These are the things I implement in my life to save money and I hope they help you! Here is my list of 10 ways to save money.

1. Make coffee at home. Giving up your daily Starbucks coffee can save you some big money! It slowly adds up when you spend $5 or more at Starbucks everyday.

2. Bring your own lunch. This is the same concept as not buying your coffee everyday, if you take your own lunch to work or school then you are saving money. You can also take your lunch when you go out with the family to save some money too. Packing a picnic to eat at the park is a great way to have a fun pit stop with the kids and get some free playtime along with not spending money on lunch for everyone.

3. Use cash. This comes from the idea that having the actual cash in your hands will make you less likely to spend it. It is harder to part with it when it is tangible and you're less likely to break a big bill to buy something small like a candy bar. Using cash can also help you keep a budget while out shopping or eating.

4. Find activities that are free. If you are looking for something fun to do with the family try to find things that are free. There are lots of local events that are free if you look around for them. You can go to the farmers market, a park, the beach, a fair, and other such places. Also some stores, like Michael's and Lowe's, offer free events for kids so look out for those!

5. Budget. Write out all your bills, how much they are, and when they are due. Then take your income and see how much is left; don't forget to factor in unexpected expenses like a birthday party and gas; and you'll get a good sense of your budget. Also you will see how you need to cut spending in order to save some money. You could make a budget for yourself for groceries and other things and just take the cash out to make sure you stick to it.

6. Sell items on Ebay. Selling your unused items on Ebay can help to make you a few extra bucks! I love selling things I no longer need on Ebay like clothes, shoes, and electronics. Try listing things as an auction to get more people interested and if you can make the shipping free that helps too. It'll make the chances better for your item to sell.

7. Practice delayed gratification when it comes to purchases. If your find something you really love and feel like you have to have it; just wait. Leave the store and think on it for a few days. Chances are you'll realize you don't really need it you just want it, and if you're trying to save money then you will be able to rationalize not buying it. It is really hard to do this but I have done it many times and it works! I almost never go back for that item that I just HAD to have.

8.  Grocery shop online. This is a new one but some stores, like the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, are now offering grocery pick up services. This is where you shop for all your groceries online and then just go pick it up from the store. This can really help you save money because you won't be tempted to grab any extra items that you do not want or need.

9. Do not impulse buy. This goes along with number 7, but do not make any impulse purchases. Impulse purchases can sometimes be expensive and it may be something that you do not need so just say no!

10. Sell bigger home items on Craigslist or Facebook. There is now a for sell section for facebook where you can list things and local people can see them. You can also use Craigslist to list things that locals can come pick up or you can drop off. This is a great option for selling large items like furniture or bikes.

I hope this list helps you reach your money saving goals and gave you some good ideas on how to save or make money!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Workout Must Haves || What I am Loving Lately || Fitness Inspiration

I have been on a fitness kick for about 3 months now. I am really trying to stick with it this time because my usual MO is to start working out for a month and then give up because I don't see results fast enough. This time I am finding ways to stay motivated through friends, new healthy foods, and also fitness gear. Getting new fitness gear is extremely motivating to me and these are the things I am loving lately. I have slowly been getting new fitness gear and not only do I need it but I find it helps encourage me to get my workout on. Here are my current workout must haves for fitness inspiration.

I am really loving fitness tops becuase I have found they help me keep cooler than a normal t-shirt. I have found them at different places like Sam's Club, Target, and Dick's Sporting Goods store and like the cool wick ones that are dry fit material. 

I am also really loving these Victoria's Secret PINK ultimate yoga pants, especially for running. They are nice and snug and kind of hold you in place while you're running. They feel amazing and are so comfortable and flexible. I have two pairs now and just love them. 

Workout bands are something new for me but I tried some leg workouts with them and really liked how they add resistance to my workout. They turn a simple leg workout into a little more with resistance and can really amp up your workout routine. I picked up a set at Dick's Sporting Goods. 

Nike free runs are my go to running shoes and I was due for a new pair so around my birthday I stopped in at a Foot Locker and got some. I was so excited to get some new ones and they have updated their look and they are so lightweight and comfortable for me to workout in. 

I have seen lots of workouts using a medicine ball and though I haven't actually purchased one I did get to use one recently. I liked it and think it would be good for some ab and leg workouts, this is on my wish list for now because I think it would be a great workout tool to one day own. 

These underarmor shirts are really comfortable and great to workout in as well as just wear for everyday. I am a simple t-shirt kind of girl and these are great. You can find them anywhere such as Kohl's or Dick's Sporting Goods and I am really loving this brand of sports clothing. 

I find adding a new piece of clothing or gear once in awhile can really keep me motivated, who doesn't want cute new workout clothes and a reason to wear them!? 

How do you stay motivated? What are some of your favorite fitness gear items? 

Leave me some new inspiration ideas for gear to add to my wishlist or fitness routine in the comments below!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

How I Lost My First 10 Lbs (And You Can Too!) || Weight Loss Journey

I have been working hard on my weightloss journey for the last 3 months. I work out everyday and have changed my eating habits drastically. I have lost over 16 pounds and am still working hard to achieve my goal of 20 pounds lost. I get asked often how I have lost the weight and what I am doing so I thought I would write up a post and share how I lost my first 10 pounds to help those who may want to shed some pounds.

I do need to say that I am not a doctor, nutritionist, coach, or fitness trainer whatsoever. Please seek medical advice before changing your lifestyle drastically and know that this is just what has worked for me and I am just sharing my journey with you all. What works for some may not work for everyone but you can always adjust it to suit your needs.

Change Your Eating Habits
To start with I had to change my eating habits. Weight loss is something like 80% what you eat and 20% working out! I basically would eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted before, and I am home with two toddlers which means there are endless snacks available. This was really hard but has become easier for me. I went on what I would call a "Common Sense" diet. The stuff you know you shouldn't eat, like crackers, cookies, other packaged items, grilled cheese etc. that is what I cut out first. I tried to do no carbs completely but only lasted a week because I was just too tired from working out that I decided I needed cards to function so I added back good carbs.  I started eating more fruits, veggies, smoothies, whole wheat, sweet potatoes, chicken, ground turkey that kind of stuff. I snack on carrots and hummus or apples with almond butter instead of chips and pretzels. I eat a lot of chicken salad, mostly because I just love it, but the dressing usually has the most calories. I feel good that it doesn't contain a lot of carbs like a sandwich would. I use zucchini to make "zoodles" instead of using noodles for pastas and I do not eat rice or mac and cheese anymore. So that is how I started changing my diet and now I still eat like this but I do let myself have a "cheat" meal now and then. If I didn't eat a burrito or fried rice once in awhile I would be totally miserable! It is all about balance and finding what works. I used to think if I "messed up" one meal I might as well give up the rest of the time and that is not how it is anymore. For the most part I try to eat really well and count my calories best I can but still let myself live and enjoy food once in awhile too! My weight loss has slowed down because I am not as strict BUT I am much happier and still feeling great and still losing weight so it is working out for me.

Start Working Out
The next thing I did was start working out. I did not work out at all before so I started with just 30 minute workouts of like random stuff at home (jumping jacks, squats, crunches etc,) until I built some stamina and strength. I was then able to increase my workouts to one hour and I decided to start alternating arm and leg days. So I will now do 30 minutes of either arms or legs, 15 minutes of abs and 30 minutes of cardio. Cardio is my favorite because I really love to run but it is not always an option with two little ones so a lot of the time I do the "just dance" game and the kids actually play it with me. It is not as good as running but I sweat the entire time and try to do 45 minutes of that to make up for the fact that I pause and chose new songs in between. Plus working has to be fun and enjoyable or you wont stick with it, and I love to play this game! You could also find videos on youtube of cardio workouts if you don't have a dance game or don't enjoy that type of thing. I aim for 30 minutes of cardio everyday and it used to take me that entire time to run 2 miles and now I can do the 2 miles in about 20 minutes so I just keep going until I hit 30 minutes. It is really great to see my endurance and strength have all increased! Cardio makes me feel the best and I always feel really great after a run.

If you do not have time to workout for an hour just find a HIIT workout to do for 20-30 minutes to get your heart rate up but always try get in some strengthening stuff. Building muscle helps you keep burning fat after your workout and it feels good to feel strong!

Do Not Give Up
The next thing is to not give up, and this is the most important! It can be so hard to stick with it and I have tried many times and failed. I have two little kids that can be needy so almost every workout I have to stop to get snacks, change a diaper, or just sit and hug them but that is okay and I just keep going the best I can! If you are not feeling it skip the workout for the day but don't let it throw you off completely just pick it up the next day. It is okay to have off days, tired days, sick days, and cheat days. I do all of that but I still try my best. I always tell myself I will feel so much better after my workout, and I always do. Talking to other friends that also workout or may be trying to lose weight helps too, for advice and just getting a boost of self esteem when you talk about the changes your body has made, also they can be a great encouragement!

Stay Focused
It can be easy to go back to your old lifestyle and just give up, especially if you don't see changes quickly. You just have to keep going it takes a long time to lose the weight and if you're also doing muscle strengthening your gaining muscle which can make it seem like you're not losing weight when you are. It has taken me months just to lose this weight and it can be frustrating at first when you may not notice it but when I put my jeans on now I notice it a lot! They fit so much easier and do not squeeze so tight, that is a great feeling.

Keep Track
I like to keep track of my progress by weighing myself, measuring my waist hips butt and arms, as well as taking pictures. Doing this can help you see your progress because maybe you can't see you lost an inch in your waist but when you measure and see that you did you will feel so great! I like to use pictures to see my progress and look back on where I started. I try not to focus too much on the scale because I know that how I feel is more important, but it is nice to see the pounds drop. If you keep track of your progress it can help keep you motivated a lot, just look back at where you started and how far you've come and you won't want to give up! I have lost inches off all areas of my body even though I don't see it I have been keeping track so I know I have, and the fact that my jeans actually fit again haha! I also use my samsung health app to keep track of my exercise, count my calories, and my weight. You can use other apps like Myfitnesspal, just find one that works for you to help you track your progress. It is really great to look at the charts and see how far you have come.

It seems pretty simple to just change your diet and exercise but it is really hard and takes a lot of commitment to make changes like this, but you can do it if you really want to! If it is easier for you to start out slowly just do that, you have to do what works for you and whatever will make you not give up.

I hope this helps encourage you and gives you ideas on what changes you can make to have a happy and healthy lifestyle. I plan to do some posts on healthy recipes in the future so stay tuned for that! Good luck on your journey and remember to just do what works for you and your life!

Let me know what your goals are and how you are doing on them and if you have any questions in the comments below!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Birthday Gift Ideas for a 2 year Old

My youngest birthday is next week and I am trying to think of what to get her! Her personality is just blooming and she really is showing her interests. It makes buying gifts a lot more fun! Here are some of the things I am thinking she might enjoy this year for her birthday.

Princess Dress Up Shoes - My girls love to play dress up and love walking around in high heels. I think these dress up shoes will be really fun for them and I like that they are closed toe so they can stay on better.

Beauty and the Beast Tea Party Cart - While we were visiting some family I noticed my (almost) 2 year really loving this tea party cart that they had. She kept pushing around and playing with the tea set. It sings and moves so she really loved it and I think it is going to make a great gift for her because I already know she loves it!

Play Dinosaurs - My little one is obsessed with dinosaurs lately so I wanted to get her some play ones to have. I think little play animals and dinosaurs are fun for most kids!

Kids T-ball Set - My girls do not have one of these yet so I was excited to get one for them! I know they will love to play with this out back, plus I am always trying to find a reason to encourage them to play outside.

Beauty and the Beast Pajamas - I don't know about you but my girls have tons of clothes and not so many pajamas! They really needed some new ones and are loving nightgowns now so I picked up some of these for a birthday gift. One of the best things about them is they can also be dress up gowns for play and are much more comfortable and less itchy than the real costumes.

Do you have any great gift ideas to share? Leave them in the comments below!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo Summer Day Trip

We took our girls to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo recently and had an absolute blast. The girls had such a great day, the weather was perfect because it did not rain and it was sort of over cast so the sun wasn't blazing hot, and we made some really fun memories as a family. One of the best things is that with the purchase of our tickets we get to go back anytime we want until the end of the year without having to buy tickets again! This was our first time here but I am sure it's going to be the first of many. The girls are already asking to go back and I know we will have to soon! Here is our day at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.

 The staff was really nice and helpful, we needed two adult tickets and a child ticket. Makenzie is still free until she is 3 years old! You see that "pay for a day come back all year for free!" How awesome is that?!

These girls love to look at borchers, this is a map of the park and we found it super helpful. Zoey loved looking at her map and helped us find all the animals she wanted to see. 

Makenzie sees that Dinosaur on the map! She loves dinosaurs and was so excited when she saw that, that is the main reason I wanted to bring them here. They are doing a limited time dinosaur theme area and I wanted to bring the kids out to see it.

 First we wanted to go see the dinosaurs but on the way over to them we found some tortoises!

Dinos Alive! The REAL reason we came to the zoo!

 Zoey has her map and she is telling us which way to go, not sure if she saw the big DINOS ALIVE sign behind her. Haha! Kenzie's face saying "cheese" and anxiously waiting to go see the dinosaurs that she loves!

 These were so cool!! The colors were just awesome and they moved and made sounds, I was surprised at how close the girls got because they were pretty realistic.

Under the vines we go! We all had to duck and go under this path, these kids found this to be really exciting!

 THIS was the freakiest one of all! It looked so scary and was screeching at us and moving its head all over! 

 This gator looked the most realistic to me, it moved and made noise! The head was moving around and the mouth opening and shutting it kind of freaked me out!

"Don't get too close kids those are dangerous!!" I do not want them thinking they can just walk up to animal like this, but it is just pretend.

 This one was sooo tall! It kind of blended in with the trees but it's a plant eater so..

 Now this is not a gathering you want to walk into! These little guys are probably very dangerous.

I think these are the Velociraptors and they were pretty scary in this number! 

This one was moving his head around and shooting water out of his mouth! I am not sure if they can actually shoot poison or saliva or something (I probably should have read those little signs explaining each dinosaur) but I hurried by so I wouldn't get wet.

Kenzie did not want to get wet either. hah!

 The juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex was pretty big.

 But this full grown Tyrannosaurus Rex was huge!

 Kenzie was not scared of any of the dinosaurs and really liked the big ones! I was surprised because even though she loves dinosaurs I don't think she realized how big they were and is usually easily scared. She loved it though!

At the very end they got to touch and climb on this one which is really great because they really wanted to touch one!

 Zoey is so cute she climbed right in there and smiled for a picture. Kenzie was not quite tall enough.

This dinosaur egg is actually an odd shaped ball and zoey threw a few of them before we headed out to the rest of the zoo.

After we were done in the amazing Dinos Alive area we headed on into the Asian Gardens. We saw these Gharial Crocodiles and I could not get over how odd their snouts were! Look at those long thin mouths! I have never seen a crocodile like this before!

Indian Rhino, you know like a normal Rhino but from India.

We somehow skipped some of the Asian Gardens on accident and ended up in Primate World, but that's okay because it was so cool! There were so many different types of primates, I have never seen this many different types in one place. The girls really loved it! I think these are the orangutans they were hugging and kissing it was super cute.

These Chimpanzees were trying to get some privacy and quiet so we didn't stay long to see them.

Spider monkeys! There were A LOT  and they were all running around playing together like crazy and super fast!

This Guenon monkey was about to jump from very up high to a rock below, but he chickened out! haha.

These Siamang were swinging around and playing. They had an amazing waterfall in their habitat.

I don't remember the names of these ones but they were a very beautiful bright orange color and so cute and small. They had chickens in their cages with them, but I am not sure why. Maybe they are the best of friends.

The next thing we went to do was ride the Jungle Carousel! All you have to say to Zoey is "Ride" and she gets so excited! She just loves rides, so she saw this and ran to get in line. The line was short we had to wait only 5 minutes, and the girls got to pick the animal they wanted to ride on.

Makenzie picked a Cheetah and Zoey picked the Ostrich, they just happened to be next to each other.

Next stop was Safari Africa! This is my favorite and Zoey loves loves loves Giraffes so she was excited too. We headed in and walked through this dark tunnel the "African Tunnel" to get to it but it was very echo-y so the girls enjoyed yelling in it. There was African writing and pictures on the walls too.

We were really hungry and ready for lunch and luckily as soon as we walked under the tunnel we were in front of a place to eat a quick meal at the Safari Lodge and Reilly's lounge. It was a really big and nice place to eat with lots of tables and chairs. It was cool and kind of dark inside, maybe to take a break from the bright sun and heat outside. You can order sandwiches, tacos, and pizza and they have a variety of drinks. My turkey club was delicious and these chips were so good seasoned with garlic salt. 

The kids got chicken nuggets and fries and were relatively happy with their meal, even though they like to eat mom and dads more.

My husband loved his sandwich but I do not remember what it was called, probably an Italian sub if I had to guess. He was really happy with our inexpensive and delicious food! It was under $25 so that is pretty good for a place like this. 

After we were all fed, cleaned up, and happy then we ventured on into Safari Africa!

She rarely holds my hand so I find it really sweet when she wants to.

More Turtles!

What a beautiful site. Zebras and Giraffes together, I just love this scene. 

These Giraffes were "hugging" fighting believe it or not! Most of the time we were standing there they were hitting each other with their necks, man they are going to have sore necks and backs tomorrow! We decided to walk away before things got too ugly. haha! 

It's Dumbo, I mean a baby elephant !! Awww he was so cute running around.

Lazy, hot, and sleepy Rhinos.

THIS was the coolest thing I have ever seen. I called it a half horse half Zebra but it is actually called a Grevy's Zebra! So pretty!

Checking out the sleeping hogs.

Giant Tortoise, pictures do not do them justice they were huge!

I thought these doors were really cool, and you know random.

Finally we made it to the Wallaroo Station! We saved this one for last for a reason, because this is where the kiddos splash pad is! This entire area is the "Children's Zoo" the girls loved it in here and it is probably the main reason we will be heading back soon!

They have a petting zoo and you can pet and feed the goats. To be honest the horned ones scared me a bit because they were kind of playing around with each other so I told Zoey to just steer clear of them. 

Inside the petting zoo get to pet the goats. They did not seem too happy to have us in there so we didn't stay long.

Finally the splash pad! I had the ingenious idea of just letting them play in their clothing because I was too lazy to find the changing rooms, even though I brought their swim suits and all. But it was my mistake because after a few minutes of that Zoey demanded her swim suit. Mom Fail. The good news is they really warmed up to the water and enjoyed playing in it!

...and the swim suit change.. 

The look of surprise.

The look of pure joy.

This area also has rides!! These rides are made only for the kiddos and this was Zoey's first time doing rides by herself! I did not let Kenzie on because she still doesn't understand that if she wants off she can't try to get out while it's still moving. She was not very happy about this, but Zoey had a blast. She could have stayed and rode those rides all day long!! Here she is on the car ride. There was also a banana ride and a train ride. We did all go on the train ride together but Alex and I were probably not really supposed to be on it because we hardly fit. haha! 

We seriously had the best time at the Zoo, the girls were happy which makes us happy and we love to visit new places of Florida we have not been yet. As the girls get older it gets more fun to bring them to new places to explore and seeing them experience new things and make memories is the best feeling in the world.  I hope they look back on these pictures one day and see how much fun we had! 

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