Friday, December 23, 2016

Our Holiday Traditions

I absolutely love the holiday season! We have just started doing our family traditions the last few years because we now have littles to share the holiday with and I want it to be so special for them. Some of my most memorable times as a child were around the holidays and all the fun things we did. My two daughters are almost 3 and 1 and a half and creating traditions is something that is important to me. I hope they have the greatest memories of all the fun things we did to celebrate this magical time of year. Having children really brings back the magic in Christmas time and seeing them enjoy all the traditions makes my heart so full. Here are some of our holiday traditions.

Baking! My oldest loves to help me in the kitchen. Our favorites are sugar cookies so they can decorate after, snickerdoodle cookies, and peanut butter cookies. She climbs up on a chair and helps me put all the ingredients in the mixer, mix it up, and roll it into balls. She is the best helper and makes baking so much fun. They love to decorate the sugar cookies with icing and lots and LOTS of sprinkles of course.

Elf on the Shelf is one of our traditions now and the girls love waking up and finding Buddy in his new hiding spot. Sometimes he does something silly and the girls just laugh and laugh. The favorite this year has been him hanging from the ceiling fan by his feet. They really look forward to it every morning!

Decorating the tree as a family is really important to me. Growing up this is one of my favorite things that we did around Christmas. We all worked together to go through all the boxes of ornaments and decorate the tree. I loved it as a child and I hope my girls love doing it too. Going through all the memories of past ornaments and pictures made into keepsakes is so fun. We had all the crafts we made at school that my mother would keep to put on the tree each year and I have started this with my girls as well. Which brings me to our next tradition!

Crafting and making keepsake ornaments. I like to go to Michaels craft store and pick up easy ornament kits and crafts for the girls to do. They absolutely love making things and doing fun crafts and being creative. This year I had them make Santa ornaments and a Reindeer to put on the tree. My oldest also painted a wooden gingerbread house and a (plastic) stained glass christmas tree. I write their name and year on the back and it is so fun to pull them out the following year and remember when we made it.

Reading holiday themed books. I have been collecting different Christmas and Holiday themed books over the years and keep them stored away until we bring out all our Christmas decorations. Then we bring the books down and start reading them for their story time before bed. They love these books and it makes them even more special that they only read them around the holiday season! Reading to my girls before bed every night is important to me and I love having holiday books as a tradition they can always remember.

Going to see Santa is a lot of peoples tradition but I also like to buy them a special dress to wear for pictures with Santa. We also make this trip special because there is always this booth across from Santa in the Mall where you can purchase family ornaments and get them personalized with family names and the year. They have so many cute family figures and tons of other options, we love to pick one up after we go see Santa to make our trip even more memorable.

Making Gingerbread houses is so much fun! The older they get the funner it is. They love eating, I mean placing, all the candies on the houses to decorate them. I usually get the village kit so there are 4 little houses to decorate and it is a easier for their little hands to manage. They just love getting to be creative and putting sprinkles and candy on their little gingerbread houses.

These are our holiday traditions that we love to do with our girls and it is something we always look forward to. What are some of your holiday traditions? I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Disney World December 2016

We finally made it Disney World! We were sick and had to postpone our trip but we were finally able to go. Before we went I did set up our 3 fast passes which were awesome! We used them on the Little Mermaid ride, The Winnie The Pooh ride, and to meet Cinderella and Elena. On top of those we were able to ride the teacups, Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride, the Carousel and I am sure I am forgetting some. We got to meet a ton of characters, watch two parades, and also a great stage performance before we left!  I am so glad we got to go and enjoy Disney during the holiday season. It is all decorated for Christmas with a huge tree and wreaths everywhere. The castle was lit up just beautifully in the evening. The girls were so excited to meet so many characters! We also got to ride a good amount of rides for the girls but we pretty much stayed in Fantasy land. I don't know how people do all the park in a day, is it even possible?  We had the perfect non stop day of fun and I just wanted to share some pictures from our day.

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