Thursday, November 3, 2016

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

This year Zoey knew exactly what she wanted to be for Halloween she requested to be Snow White all on her own without any prompting. I was very surprised by this because I did think she was too young, but no way she knew and stuck to that decision for two months! I even got an extra Belle costume just in case she wanted to be something else but nope she stuck to snow white for all our Halloween outings! I dressed Kenzie as Ana because they both really love the movie Frozen and Zoey was Elsa last year. And of course now we have both outfits for pretend play. Win Win.

You can't really tell by most of the pics, because Kenzie is crying in them (she is just that way sometimes), but my girls actually had a blast on Halloween. Once we were out trick or treating they had so much fun! They got to meet dinosaurs on our trick or treat adventure around our neighborhood and they were so excited! They love dinosaurs thanks to the movie The Good Dinosaur. They got there buckets filled and Zoey was seriously so happy to get all that candy! We have a tradition of going around the neighborhood with our besties that live across the street and it is always so much fun for us all.  We were very busy the entire weekend before too with going to a Halloween Festival then also going to a car show, so we are all Halloween-ed out. I had a lot of fun enjoying the festivities with the girls but I was not sad to pack up all the Halloween Decor the morning after. Until next year!

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