Friday, November 18, 2016

Disney Trip Fail and Update on Us Being Sick

My next post was going to be our Disney World trip with lots of pictures documenting all the fun we had.... but we all got sick. Not just a little sick like really really sick. Kenzie ended up with bronchitis and Zoey and I had the worst head cough cold possible. I literally was getting up and getting us all ready to head out the door all packed and feeling like I was on death's door and my husband was like "no I have to put my foot down and just say we are not going." The girls and I were absolutely miserable and I still wanted to go. We started planning this trip over 7 months ago and we planned to meet up with my in laws and the girls cousins. They flew in from out of state and I was devastated we couldn't meet up with them. I felt so awful and guilty. We had the entire trip all planned with fast passes, lots of meals where the kids could meet characters, and we booked a hotel so we wouldn't have to make the drive back home; which is over an hour. We even had tickets to the Mickeys very merry christmas party which are non refundable and non transferrable. Seriously... I cried.

If it had been just me sick I would have just tried to tough it out, even though I felt awful and could hardly move with all the body aches and sinuses completed closed. The girls were miserable also and it would have been a disaster. They were constantly crying or sleeping (who could blame them I wanted to also just cry and sleep.)

We are lucky enough that we can still use our park tickets another time because we live close enough to just make the drive, but we did lose money on the hotel. We also lost the chance for the girls to make memories with their cousins which is what makes me the most sad. It is also really hard to book those meals with character meets and I have been trying to book something since with no luck.

It has been 2 weeks and I am still sick. My sinus still hurts and I am just not feeling 100%. Kenzie just finished her antibiotics and is finally not coughing anymore and I think Zoey is doing a lot better finally. I cannot believe how bad it was and how long it lasted!

I decided to book some fast passes for the next time we can all go and lucky enough my husband got a jury duty summons for that day in the mail yesterday. I have to laugh or I will just sit and cry about how bad I want to take the girls to Disney (or how bad I want to go) and haven't been able to.

We will have to make Disney plans another time because right now we are focusing on getting better before we head into Thanksgiving week. We are hoping our trip up North for Thanksgiving will be with all of us feeling back to normal again! We are so excited for our Thanksgiving plans with family and at least the girls will get to play with their cousins finally!!
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