Saturday, November 5, 2016

Christmas Wish List by my 2 Year Old

We received our mailer from Target.. you know the one with all the toys for the kids to circle so they can start planning their Christmas Wish List for Santa. We are still hitting in the high 80's here in good ol' sunny Florida and my girls are already planning out their wish list. It is the first year my 2 and a half year old is old enough to comprehend the whole idea a little more so I thought I would test it out. I sat with her and looked through all the toys and let her use her favorite blue crayon to circle the things she would want to ask Santa for. Boy was her list hefty! I love that she is excited for Christmas, it is one of my most favorite holidays and I cannot wait to see what Santa brings them. At the top of her list is an Elsa Castle AND a Princess Castle. Hah! Here are a few of the things she is going to write to Santa to bring for her... if she is a good girl of course.

1. Dancing Barbie

3. Bright Beats Dance and Move Beatbo

What is on your littles ones wish list? I cannot wait to see what Santa brings my girls! 

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