Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Fall Clothing Faves

I have really been feeling fall clothing lately and have been grabbing a few new pieces here and there. It is time I needed some new clothes after all I only really buy for my girls and have neglected my wardrobe for sometime now. I am loving these fall essentials even though it is still too hot here in Florida to enjoy them. =(  I am hoping it cools down fast and stays cool for a long time so I can finally wear them out! Here are the things I have been obsessed with lately.

I have never owned a pair of previously ripped jeans in my life! I just never really liked them to be honest but I found these high waisted stretchy ones at American Eagle and oh my goodness they are so comfy! I love the way they look with both of these booties. I found both the booties at Target and needed a black and a beige pair of course. I like that the black are wedges which are super comfy with the heel illusion and the beige ones are a super low heel so I can still chase my girls around.  I love plaid for fall but honestly red is not my color so I opt for black and white and love this one from American Eagle. I also have been really into flowy tops and found a few I love at both Target and American Eagle. Sense a theme here? They are my two favorite stores for clothing! I also wanted something festive for Thanksgiving so I got this cute comfy casual tee from Emerson Grace Boutique. I love it paired with an olive green sweatshirt and some black booties. What are your fall must haves this year?
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