Friday, October 28, 2016

Surviving Potty Training with a Two Year Old

My two and a half year old is officially potty trained and I could not be more happy, as I also have another baby still in diapers! Changing diapers for two kiddos all day gets pretty exhausting. I am not sure which is more work changing diapers or having to help with potty time. haha! Anyways I wanted to share how we got through potty training and maybe it can help someone else out there struggling!

We attempted when first had our second baby because I really did not want two in diapers... big mistake. My big girl was not ready at one and a half years old. I then attempted again around age 2 with a no go! She did show some interest in the little potty we got her but as soon as we tried actually implementing it with a sticker chart and all she just would say no over and over so we had to wait.

At two and a half I decided to try again. She has such a  good understanding of everything around her and everything I say and ask of her so I thought she was ready. I got prepared by getting both a little potty and a potty seat, princess panties, a sticker chart, and some m&m's as a reward. The first day I am not going to lie was rough. I decided to just put her in panties instead of naked. (We tried the naked in an earlier attempt and she just pooped all over the floor) that first day in panties she had about 9 accidents and 0 in the potty. I would just remind her over and over that it goes in the potty. Show her the m&m's and tell her if she went in the potty she would get one. We talked about using the potty all day long accident after accident. I ended up crying and she cried of course.. I just felt very frustrated that she would not do it even though I knew she understood. The next day I almost did not continue. I am glad that I did. I just said well I will put panties on her and see how she does. She actual did really well! She went potty like 8 times and only had maybe 2 or 3 accidents. I could not believe it. Every time she went she got a sticker on her chart and some m&m's and she was a happy girl. She started using only the little potty. By the third day she was potty trained. In panties all day and asking to use the potty whenever she needed to go.  At night time we use Huggies pull ups, which she loves with all the different characters you can choose from. The candy incentive definitely helps especially when it came time for #2. She was hesitant but wanted candy enough that she finally got it down. I am so proud of her!

My biggest advice is to stick with it. Once you start just commit to it and stay home for 3 days with no where to go and nothing but time so they can figure it out. Also use a reward and praise so they understand they are doing the right thing, but do not be negative and upset when they have an accident. Just explain it is an accident and that it goes in the potty and if they are able to use the potty like a big girl or boy they can have said incentive.

It sounds easier than it really was as I read it back to myself but that first day was a hard one. I am so glad I stuck with it because now she is fully potty trained and is able to use the potty all day no matter where we go. I am so proud of her and now I only have one baby in diapers! woohoo!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Fall Clothing Faves

I have really been feeling fall clothing lately and have been grabbing a few new pieces here and there. It is time I needed some new clothes after all I only really buy for my girls and have neglected my wardrobe for sometime now. I am loving these fall essentials even though it is still too hot here in Florida to enjoy them. =(  I am hoping it cools down fast and stays cool for a long time so I can finally wear them out! Here are the things I have been obsessed with lately.

I have never owned a pair of previously ripped jeans in my life! I just never really liked them to be honest but I found these high waisted stretchy ones at American Eagle and oh my goodness they are so comfy! I love the way they look with both of these booties. I found both the booties at Target and needed a black and a beige pair of course. I like that the black are wedges which are super comfy with the heel illusion and the beige ones are a super low heel so I can still chase my girls around.  I love plaid for fall but honestly red is not my color so I opt for black and white and love this one from American Eagle. I also have been really into flowy tops and found a few I love at both Target and American Eagle. Sense a theme here? They are my two favorite stores for clothing! I also wanted something festive for Thanksgiving so I got this cute comfy casual tee from Emerson Grace Boutique. I love it paired with an olive green sweatshirt and some black booties. What are your fall must haves this year?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pumpkin Pickin' 2016

We visited our favorite Pumpkin Patch to pick out the perfect pumpkins for the girls to decorate! We really love this patch and have been going to this same one since Zoey was born. I love traditions and this is one of my faves. We always get our family photo and they have lots of great photo ops that set up under a nice shaded canopy! They also have a beautiful sunflower field and a small corn maze for the little ones along with a small slide. The girls loved the maze and slide and had a blast! They got to decorate their perfect pumpkins with some silly faces and Zoey was so proud! This time of year is just the best and they are so excited for Halloween. They both already picked their costumes and cannot wait for all the trick or treat fun. Even though it is still in the 80s here in Sunny Florida It's Fall Ya'll!

Makenzie Kathelene's ONE year pictures

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