Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer Bucket List

We are checking things off our summer bucket list one at a time and we have been having so much fun! There were a few big things I wanted to take the girls to do and then some smaller ones but we have been having such a great summer filled with lots of water and outdoor fun. Now that both my girls are old enough to enjoy these things I am making the most of our summer here in Florida! Here is our bucket list and what we have done so far!

1. Go to the Zoo

2. Go Watch Fireworks

3. Go to a Fair and get a Face painting

 4. Play at a Splash Pad

5. Go to The Aquarium

6. Enjoy some Dippin' Dots

7. Play on The Beach

Her chubby thighs are THE CUTEST

8. Go on a Family Ice Cream Date ( Cold Stone!)

9. Play in a Swimming Pool

10. Enjoy Watermelon Outside

11. Plan a Vacation! 
We are planning a trip to California to see our family and friends in a few weeks. We are so excited! 

I am feeling so grateful lately for this life and just really enjoying the summer with my little family. These girls make everything so fun and seeing adventure through their eyes is something magical. 

What is on your bucket list this summer? The Summer is not over yet and we need a few more things to check off!
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