Thursday, July 28, 2016

Packing for Vacation with 2 under 2

We are starting to prep and pack for our trip to California and I am so excited! I actually really love to organize and pack everything so I wanted to compile a small list of my 5 favorite packing must haves for vacation with 2 under 2 kiddos!

Ju-Ju-Be Set - To help organize your kids stuff so it is not just all floating around your bag! This makes it so much easier to find things! I love this Set to help organize one for snacks, one for diapers, and one for small toys or crayons.

Mess Free Coloring Book & Markers - We will be taking a long plane ride to get to our vacation destination and I wanted to bring a coloring books for the girls. This is awesome because the markers are mess free and they only show up on the coloring pages! I won't have to worry about them coloring on the plane or in the car and they can go wild and I won't have to stress! I really love these coloring books and markers.

Go Go Squeez- These are a perfect and healthy snack to bring while traveling. My girls love the applesauce in a pouch go go squeez!

Pink TuTu Swimsuit - We plan to do a lot of swimming with our friends and family while on our vacation so packing swimsuits is a must! I love the matching pink tutu swimsuits I got for my girls this summer, it's the perfect vacation attire!

Comfy Toddler Slide sandals  - I just picked up some cute new sandals for my girls so they would have them for California. I am taking one pair of sandals and one pair of tennie shoes. I will be taking these pink All- Star Converse as well for them. I love having my girls match!

These are just a few of my favorite things to bring but the real packing list is a mile long! We are so excited for our trip and I hope I remember everything! Do you have any travel must haves I should consider bringing?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer Bucket List

We are checking things off our summer bucket list one at a time and we have been having so much fun! There were a few big things I wanted to take the girls to do and then some smaller ones but we have been having such a great summer filled with lots of water and outdoor fun. Now that both my girls are old enough to enjoy these things I am making the most of our summer here in Florida! Here is our bucket list and what we have done so far!

1. Go to the Zoo

2. Go Watch Fireworks

3. Go to a Fair and get a Face painting

 4. Play at a Splash Pad

5. Go to The Aquarium

6. Enjoy some Dippin' Dots

7. Play on The Beach

Her chubby thighs are THE CUTEST

8. Go on a Family Ice Cream Date ( Cold Stone!)

9. Play in a Swimming Pool

10. Enjoy Watermelon Outside

11. Plan a Vacation! 
We are planning a trip to California to see our family and friends in a few weeks. We are so excited! 

I am feeling so grateful lately for this life and just really enjoying the summer with my little family. These girls make everything so fun and seeing adventure through their eyes is something magical. 

What is on your bucket list this summer? The Summer is not over yet and we need a few more things to check off!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

5 Tips for Disney World with 2 under 2

We took a trip to Disney World for my oldest daughter's second birthday back in March. It was a blast! I implemented a few tips and tricks to make our park visit smooth and enjoyable with my two under two babies. When we went at the time our girls were two years old and 8 months old. We all had a wonderful time but I did learn a few things for our next visit this fall.  Usually theme parks can be stress triggers for me but I think we did really well because I did a little pre-planning to help organize our day. Here are my top 5 tips with two under two at Disney!

1. Use the Disney World App

This app is amazing! It is free to download and you can purchase tickets and dining or hotel room reservations from it. You can view a map of any of the parks and find where the characters are or where the rides are you want to go on.  It even shows the wait times for the ride at the time. The map was soooo helpful to us during our trip! We used it to navigate the entire day. You can view your reservations you already booked when you link up your My Disney Experience account to it. It will also tell you your fast pass info and is great to help you find restrooms or a certain place you want to eat at. Anything you need to do you can do from this app it was a life saver!

2. Set up your Fast Passes before your trip

Fast Passes are great! You get 3 and you can chose them online before your trip. You get to make your selection 30 days prior to your trip (or 60 days if you have a Disney world hotel reservation per their website*) This means you select a time window that you get to go to that ride and go in the fast pass line which is substantially shorter than the normal line (usually but not always.) I like to use this for rides I know I want to do for sure but are popular and might have a long wait. With my two girls waiting in line was not really an option so we either got to do the rides we had fast passes for or had to find rides with very short lines. Especially my 2 year old she just was not going to sit and wait nicely in an 80 minute line to meet Elsa and Ana (sorry Zoey we tried and it was a disaster) We were able to do the small world ride, the tea cup ride, and the mermaid ride with fast passes. We actually missed out on a lot of other really great rides because the wait lines were just too long for them.

3. Use a backpack instead of a diaper bag

We took a backpack and it was really easy to park the stroller in a designated parking spot and then take the backpack with us on rides or where ever we needed. We did not want to leave all the stuff we may need like diapers, wipes, etc in the stroller but we also did not want a diaper bag to lug around. A back pack is the perfect solution. To add to this I put the diapers and wipes together in one pouch so I could easily grab it from the back pack and go into the restroom for a change. I used a Be-quick from Ju-Ju-Be to hold the diaper and wipes just for reference.

4. Book dining reservations as far ahead as possible

If you want to do a dining reservation where you get to meet characters you need to book as far ahead as possible. You can book up to 6 months in advance. Those get filled up so fast and if you wait you will not get into any. When we went we actually did not have any reservations for dining because I did not know this and tried to book a few days before we went and nothing was available. Now we know to book ahead for next time!

5.  Take your own snacks and water bottles

You can take as many foods, snacks, and water bottles as you would like. One thing we love to indulge on in the parks is all the cute mickey shaped treats but it is still a good idea to take your own snacks and water with two young kids in tow. When a baby and a toddler get hungry you better feed them and you better feed them fast. Sometimes having to wait in line for snacks is not something you want to do and not something they will patiently wait for. I took puffs and goldfish which were perfect to have on the stroller tray for them to snack on all day. I also took some baby fruit and veggie pouches which were perfect for the little one to eat for lunch and snacks. We did get some fun Disney snacks but my kids were not starving hungry and crying having to wait in line with us for anything. This made the whole day more enjoyable (kids are so much happier with snacks.) You also save some money on water bottles as they can get pretty expensive at the parks. We took their own sippy cups of water and that worked out perfectly.

I hope these 5 tips help you on your next visit to Disney and you have a memorable time with your little ones! Do you have any tips or tricks you like to use for your theme park visits? I would love to hear some more because we are planning another trip soon!

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