Saturday, June 25, 2016

Makenzie is ONE - 12 month pictures

My sweet Makenzie is a ONE year old today. I cannot believe it! This year has gone by so fast having two little ones to chase around. She is absolutely the light of my life. She walks and talks all day already and loves chasing her big sister all over the house. She is so happy and smiles and laughs all the time. She is miss independent and wants to do everything herself! She will not even take food from me anymore she has to feed it to herself! She will eat anything and everything she is not picky at all and never seems to be full. Her favorite foods are spaghetti, beans with rice, watermelon, and cheese. She already wears 18 months clothes and size 5 diapers (same size as big sissy) She brings me so much joy everyday. I just love her so much and I feel like my heart is so full with these two wonderful girls. She is going to get pictures done next week but until those here are some I took myself.

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