Saturday, June 25, 2016

First Birthday Gift Ideas

Makenzie is ONE today and I wanted to share with you my gift ideas for a one year old! This year it was a little harder since she is the little sister. We have gotten a lot of bigger things for our older one like this kitchen play set .  This is so fun and they both love it so much! They play together all day long at this kitchen in their playroom. I even got this Play Food Set to add to all the pretend cooking fun!

For Makenzie we wanted to get some smaller things for her this year  (we may be running out of room for big things in the playroom) I ordered these online so I did not have to deal with trying to pick out gifts for her in the store with both of them being able to see them. I love online shopping for gifts then it's a surprise and so much easier for me! Here are my gift ideas for a one year old!

Makenzie LOVES this! It plays music and you can place the dolls in these little spots and turn them so that they dance all over. It is great imaginative play and both my girls play with this all the time. It is actually the only toy I keep out of their playroom, it is on the coffee table in the living room for them to enjoy.

I had to get this to go along with the castle so there would be PLENTY of princesses to go around. They each both have multiple dolls and there are even three that come with the castle which is perfect because then my girls never fight over one! These are adorable and the perfect size for a one year old because it is not a choking hazard.

This pup is so cute! They can walk with it and it will sing the alphabet or you can push the letter buttons and it tells you the letter and something that starts with that letter. It is a great learning toy and has fun interaction. My girls love to walk all over the house with this cutie.

I don't know about your girls but mine are obsessed with barbies already! They love them as much as I did when I was little! I remember having so many, so naturally I love to get Barbies for them. This is one of their favorites because you can take into the bath and the tail lights up! I mean really, what's better than a Barbie that is also a mermaid?! My girls are obsessed with both so this was a perfect gift!

Summer birthday equals perfect opportunity to get an outside fun toy! We have this exact water table and my girls love it. We play in it outside almost every single day. This is a great way to get them outside but also keep them semi cooled off playing with water. They love the little fishies and turtles that come with this table. I really enjoy playing with them outside and I think this would make a great first birthday present! 

What did you get your child for their first birthday? I would love to hear some more ideas! 

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