Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2 under 2 schedule and FREE printable schedule chart

I have always kept a schedule for my girls. Even when I only had Zoey she was on a schedule. I think kids thrive off of having a routine and it is important for them to understand how the day is going to go. I do let the rules bend if we are on vacation or something like that but for the most part I stick to the same routine daily. I noticed it helps them with sleeping and also keeps them in the loop on what they are going to be doing. I am not saying a schedule is for everybody. In fact, we have family that have 2 small children and their busy lives just do not allow for them to have a schedule and they are all happy and thriving. Every family is different this is just what works for us. I am a very type A likes to have a plan kind of girl so this works for me as well. Here is the daily schedule I follow for my 2 girls under 2!

6-7Am- Wake up, change diapers get a cup of milk and watch morning cartoons. We all slowly wake up while mom and dad have a cup of coffee check emails and the girls drink their milk.

7:30Am- Make breakfast and sit down to eat.
8am- Wash hands, face, brush teeth and hair then get dressed. My 2 year old pretty much dictates what she wears already so I do not even try to fight that battle anymore. lol

8:15Am-9Am- Daddy leaves for work. The girls and I play in the playroom. We play pretend kitchen, have a picnic or tea party and dress up our princesses.

9AM- 1 year old nurses, gets a new diaper, and takes a nap

9AM-10:30AM- Give my 2 year old a snack and more playtime. We do work books that teach letters and numbers. We play with learning cards that teach shapes and colors. I read books to her too. This is great one on one bonding time for us.

1030AM- Baby wakes up gets a snack and a new diaper and we all go play outside. We like to play with the water table or pool and try to run around the backyard to burn some energy off. We sometimes also do a craft, color, play with play-doh, or stickers. I love taking them for walks too. Or if I need to run an errand this is when I do that.

11:30AM-12:30PM- Make lunch while the girls play around the house. Girls sit down for lunch time.

12:30PM-2:30PM- Wash hands and faces after lunch. Both girls get diaper changes, ready for a nap, then take their naps. This is mommy's time to shower, eat, clean with chemicals, or just relax and watch a show with cuss words.

2:30PM-3:30PM- Wake up from nap time. They both get a bottle of milk and some indoor playtime and books.

3:30PM- snack time!

3:30PM-5:30PM- Play time both indoors and outdoors trying to burn off some energy. Once again we may play with play-doh and sorts. We also do some house pick up and chores before daddy gets home. I am not even going to lie some days we have popcorn and watch a movie. Not everyday can be filled with the perfect play times and no TV.

5:30PM- Daddy is home! The girls play and rough house with daddy! (best party of the day for them)

6:30PM- Mom gets dinner made and we all sit down to eat together as a family. We love this part of the day. Mom and Dad don't get to talk much over the girls yelling and laughing but we all love being together for dinner every night.

7PM- Girls get baths, bush their teeth and get dressed for bed.

7PM-8PM- A little more playtime with daddy and reading books together as a family.

8PM- Both girls in bed! Hugs and kisses goodnight. My 2 year old will request many "tuck ins" "milk" and "cuddles" before she is ready for sleep. It is the sweetest.

The rest of the night my husband and I get time together to talk about our days and catch up on our shows. Having the girls go to bed at 8 every night is something that really works for us so we also get some alone time together.

This is the schedule that works best for my family right now. I have worked hard to get both my young girls on the same nap schedule after lunch. That is an important time of the day for me to also get a break and do something for myself (like finally eat) I hope this helps if you are looking for an idea of a schedule to follow, or want to try to implement a routine for your family. Remember schedules are not for everybody and you have to do what works for you!
Thank you for reading! I have Free printable schedule charts for you below!

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