Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My breastfeeding journey with baby #2

We made it! One whole year of exclusively breastfeeding!! I feel pretty excited about this because my goal was to also nurse Zoey for at least a year and I had to stop at 10 months because I was pregnant and my milk supply dwindled away.

I feel like my experience with each child nursing was totally different. With Makenzie she latched on right away and we did not have any problems right away with nursing, unlike with Zoey. I noticed after being home for a few weeks the only issue we had was she would swallow a lot of air while nursing and this caused her tummy to hurt and lots of gas. I thought she may have had a lip tie or a tongue tie but the Doctor checked and that was not it. I noticed that she just had a funny latch she would use her tongue to suction instead of her bottom lip. It never hurt or anything and she was gaining weight just fine (actually more than fine she was plump!) So I just continued on nursing.

Those first few months were a dream! She went from sleeping 7 hours in the hospital to more than 8 at home. She would sleep all night. I always said I would wake my baby up to eat if they slept that long but I was healing from surgery, exhausted, chasing a toddler around, and she ate just fine all day so I let her sleep.

After she grew out of being a newborn she started becoming very colic. I would say from about 3 months until 6 months she was extremely unhappy. I tried the same things as I had with Zoey I stopped eating dairy and eggs and that did not help her. She would be up at night crying for HOURS I mean almost all night... my husband and I took turns walking around the house with her trying to comfort her. We really tried it all. Natural remedies, bouncing, burping, walking, dancing, feeding.. nothing really worked. We were tired and miserable for a few months. I even developed some PPD that I will probably do another post about. She just seemed to cry all the time, it was hard to watch.

I mentioned it to her doctor several times and she referred us to a GI specialist in another city. We took Kenzie and got her all checked out and basically since she was gaining a lot of weight and getting milk just fine they told us to just ride it out. That eventually she would grow out of it, because you know all babies really do grow out of colic. They really only get concerned if the baby is not gaining weight or thriving. So we just rode it out. Months of crying and I really felt like I was doing everything I could to help and my husband also tried whatever he could to help. There were many nights he walked around with her and let me sleep because I was just so exhausted.

She eventually did grow out of the colic and we never really learned what caused it but I just kept nursing the entire time and her stomach just sorted itself out I suppose. Thank God because we needed sleep! She started to sleep all night again. Her latch just kind of adjusted itself and her gas went away. We only ran into waking up during the night when she was teething. Other than that we continued to nurse with no issues.

I am so happy to say it has been a whole year! I am proud of myself for sticking with it when it became hard during those colic months. The doctors did recommend switching to a special formula and I refused. I knew she would grow out of it and my milk was the best for her.

I am not sure when we will stop, to be honest I don't know if I am ready to and she definitely is not. I will just let her decide and see what she needs from me. I love the connection we have because of this bond and I have learned so much about my babies through this experience.  This breastfeeding journey continues on for us for now and who knows maybe I'll have another baby to nurse soon and the journey will continue! ; )

Saturday, June 25, 2016

First Birthday Gift Ideas

Makenzie is ONE today and I wanted to share with you my gift ideas for a one year old! This year it was a little harder since she is the little sister. We have gotten a lot of bigger things for our older one like this kitchen play set .  This is so fun and they both love it so much! They play together all day long at this kitchen in their playroom. I even got this Play Food Set to add to all the pretend cooking fun!

For Makenzie we wanted to get some smaller things for her this year  (we may be running out of room for big things in the playroom) I ordered these online so I did not have to deal with trying to pick out gifts for her in the store with both of them being able to see them. I love online shopping for gifts then it's a surprise and so much easier for me! Here are my gift ideas for a one year old!

Makenzie LOVES this! It plays music and you can place the dolls in these little spots and turn them so that they dance all over. It is great imaginative play and both my girls play with this all the time. It is actually the only toy I keep out of their playroom, it is on the coffee table in the living room for them to enjoy.

I had to get this to go along with the castle so there would be PLENTY of princesses to go around. They each both have multiple dolls and there are even three that come with the castle which is perfect because then my girls never fight over one! These are adorable and the perfect size for a one year old because it is not a choking hazard.

This pup is so cute! They can walk with it and it will sing the alphabet or you can push the letter buttons and it tells you the letter and something that starts with that letter. It is a great learning toy and has fun interaction. My girls love to walk all over the house with this cutie.

I don't know about your girls but mine are obsessed with barbies already! They love them as much as I did when I was little! I remember having so many, so naturally I love to get Barbies for them. This is one of their favorites because you can take into the bath and the tail lights up! I mean really, what's better than a Barbie that is also a mermaid?! My girls are obsessed with both so this was a perfect gift!

Summer birthday equals perfect opportunity to get an outside fun toy! We have this exact water table and my girls love it. We play in it outside almost every single day. This is a great way to get them outside but also keep them semi cooled off playing with water. They love the little fishies and turtles that come with this table. I really enjoy playing with them outside and I think this would make a great first birthday present! 

What did you get your child for their first birthday? I would love to hear some more ideas! 

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Makenzie is ONE - 12 month pictures

My sweet Makenzie is a ONE year old today. I cannot believe it! This year has gone by so fast having two little ones to chase around. She is absolutely the light of my life. She walks and talks all day already and loves chasing her big sister all over the house. She is so happy and smiles and laughs all the time. She is miss independent and wants to do everything herself! She will not even take food from me anymore she has to feed it to herself! She will eat anything and everything she is not picky at all and never seems to be full. Her favorite foods are spaghetti, beans with rice, watermelon, and cheese. She already wears 18 months clothes and size 5 diapers (same size as big sissy) She brings me so much joy everyday. I just love her so much and I feel like my heart is so full with these two wonderful girls. She is going to get pictures done next week but until those here are some I took myself.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


My one year old daughter Makenzie has not wanted me to rock her to sleep in MONTHS. Not since she was like 6 months old. She actually prefers to be placed in the crib after nursing and gets comfy and falls asleep on her own. My first born, Zoey, was not like this at all and I rocked her to sleep until I had Makenzie. Even now I still rub her back for her to fall asleep for naps.

Yesterday Makenzie was crying when I set her down so I decided to rock her. She actually fell asleep in my arms as I rocked her. I held her for two hours while she napped in my arms. I just watched her sleep soaking in her smell and cuddles. I could have put her down and gotten a million things done like I usually do during their nap time, but I decided to stay. Stay and rock her. Stay and hold her. Stay.

As I sat there I thought this might not ever happen again and it made me sad. Sometimes they grow out of something before you even have time to realize it and you have no time to be sad about it because it just happens. I miss her being a small baby and needing me more. I remember impatiently waiting for the days where she could walk around and didn't cry for me to hold her constantly. The day has come and gone and she is miss independent. I have two toddlers running around the house playing and eating snacks and I can now clean and cook as I need. The freedom is nice but I already miss all the snuggles. I do get the occasional kiss my boo boo or hold me I fell down, which of course is just the sweetest.

I will not be taking any more snuggle sessions for granted because they are now far and few between. My babies are growing up and are not babies anymore. I will stay in those moments and cherish them for a lifetime. Stay and hold them. Stay and kiss them. Stay because they need me to. Stay because I need to. Stay and sing. Stay for one more book. Stay to do more cuddles and tuck ins. Stay for one more hug goodnight.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2 under 2 schedule and FREE printable schedule chart

I have always kept a schedule for my girls. Even when I only had Zoey she was on a schedule. I think kids thrive off of having a routine and it is important for them to understand how the day is going to go. I do let the rules bend if we are on vacation or something like that but for the most part I stick to the same routine daily. I noticed it helps them with sleeping and also keeps them in the loop on what they are going to be doing. I am not saying a schedule is for everybody. In fact, we have family that have 2 small children and their busy lives just do not allow for them to have a schedule and they are all happy and thriving. Every family is different this is just what works for us. I am a very type A likes to have a plan kind of girl so this works for me as well. Here is the daily schedule I follow for my 2 girls under 2!

6-7Am- Wake up, change diapers get a cup of milk and watch morning cartoons. We all slowly wake up while mom and dad have a cup of coffee check emails and the girls drink their milk.

7:30Am- Make breakfast and sit down to eat.
8am- Wash hands, face, brush teeth and hair then get dressed. My 2 year old pretty much dictates what she wears already so I do not even try to fight that battle anymore. lol

8:15Am-9Am- Daddy leaves for work. The girls and I play in the playroom. We play pretend kitchen, have a picnic or tea party and dress up our princesses.

9AM- 1 year old nurses, gets a new diaper, and takes a nap

9AM-10:30AM- Give my 2 year old a snack and more playtime. We do work books that teach letters and numbers. We play with learning cards that teach shapes and colors. I read books to her too. This is great one on one bonding time for us.

1030AM- Baby wakes up gets a snack and a new diaper and we all go play outside. We like to play with the water table or pool and try to run around the backyard to burn some energy off. We sometimes also do a craft, color, play with play-doh, or stickers. I love taking them for walks too. Or if I need to run an errand this is when I do that.

11:30AM-12:30PM- Make lunch while the girls play around the house. Girls sit down for lunch time.

12:30PM-2:30PM- Wash hands and faces after lunch. Both girls get diaper changes, ready for a nap, then take their naps. This is mommy's time to shower, eat, clean with chemicals, or just relax and watch a show with cuss words.

2:30PM-3:30PM- Wake up from nap time. They both get a bottle of milk and some indoor playtime and books.

3:30PM- snack time!

3:30PM-5:30PM- Play time both indoors and outdoors trying to burn off some energy. Once again we may play with play-doh and sorts. We also do some house pick up and chores before daddy gets home. I am not even going to lie some days we have popcorn and watch a movie. Not everyday can be filled with the perfect play times and no TV.

5:30PM- Daddy is home! The girls play and rough house with daddy! (best party of the day for them)

6:30PM- Mom gets dinner made and we all sit down to eat together as a family. We love this part of the day. Mom and Dad don't get to talk much over the girls yelling and laughing but we all love being together for dinner every night.

7PM- Girls get baths, bush their teeth and get dressed for bed.

7PM-8PM- A little more playtime with daddy and reading books together as a family.

8PM- Both girls in bed! Hugs and kisses goodnight. My 2 year old will request many "tuck ins" "milk" and "cuddles" before she is ready for sleep. It is the sweetest.

The rest of the night my husband and I get time together to talk about our days and catch up on our shows. Having the girls go to bed at 8 every night is something that really works for us so we also get some alone time together.

This is the schedule that works best for my family right now. I have worked hard to get both my young girls on the same nap schedule after lunch. That is an important time of the day for me to also get a break and do something for myself (like finally eat) I hope this helps if you are looking for an idea of a schedule to follow, or want to try to implement a routine for your family. Remember schedules are not for everybody and you have to do what works for you!
Thank you for reading! I have Free printable schedule charts for you below!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Mommy's Summer Must Haves with 2 under 2

I love the summertime so much more since having kids! I love to play outside with them and doing fun things like go swimming, go to the park, and go for walks. These are my mommy summer must haves with two under two and I am currently obsessed with them all!!

Jergens Natural Glow  |   Hawaiian Sunscreen   |   Sports Tank Top  |  Camelbak Waterbottle  | One piece Swimsuit  |  Sports Shorts   |  Double Stroller   |  Ju Ju Be BFF   |   Ralph Lauren Sunglasses

I love the Jergens natural Glow to keep my legs from looking so pale. My arms seem to get tan but my legs don't. hah! Probably because of my next favorite the Hawaiian sunblock. It smells so good and it is my go to anytime I go outside. I have been loving sports wear and wear it almost everyday (even if I am not working out but shh don't tell anyone) It is light weight, comfy, breathable and can get wet. My favorite are sports tank tops and sports shorts. Sunglasses are a must for me. I have really sensitive eyes and I think these Ralph Lauren ones are really cute. I also am really enjoying this one piece swimsuit for pool time. It is comfy and I can easily breastfeed in it. This double jogging stroller is on my wish list, it is perfect for walks and jogs. I am loving Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags and the BFF is perfect to take anywhere. It holds all our snacks, sunblock and diapers! The camelbak is my go to water bottle and I use it everyday all day! I use it around the house and take it with me whenever I leave or go play outside. The kids can also drink out of it easily so that is a plus!

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Makenzie's Mermaid Birthday Party - ONE year old!

We celebrated our sweet Makenzie turning the big ONE. I love how her mermaid theme party turned out! I made all the food myself and purchased the party supplies here >

Happy Birthday my little princess. I cannot believe you are already ONE. We love you so much and you have grown into such a sweet and happy girl.


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