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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beach must haves with Two under Two!

We are headed to the beach in less than a month!! We could not be more excited. Even though we only live about an hour from the beach it is still an adventure since we do not go often. Being home with two under two makes it hard to do things like that sometimes. It is a lot of packing, planning, crying in the car, stops on the way then some disasters while there. Since we have family that will be there also we plan to all be there together so the cousins can play and we cannot wait!

I am a planner. I like to make lists and organize my trips. So I have put together my list for our beach trip to share with you! These are my must haves for making the trip a little easier and to have some fun with two under two!

1. Baby powder! This makes getting sand off so much easier!

2. A baby sun hat for the little ones!

3. I recommend this Ju Ju Be Super Be  bag for the beach because it is super light weight, it can be folded and tucked into any other bag, and it is made of a nice material that wipes clean easier and can get wet.

4. Baby pouches are the way to go on trips because they are just so easy. For the car ride to the beach and even on the beach too.

5. Do not forget those Swim Diapers (like I ususally do!)

6. I put two different toys in my list because I really love the sad set with the plastic bag I picked up at target, but will also bring some of the water squirt animal bath toys. I think the kids will love them!

7. I really love beach tents for sun protection. I just got this Beach Tent and we love it because it has a carrying case and easily folds up! We used to use a large umbrella until we learned the wind will pick up and blow it away very easily! We have since moved on to a tent with a floor to sit on.

8. This Sunscreen Stick is great for those little faces that squirm away while trying apply sunscreen!

9. My 2 year old loves her sunglasses!

10. I really recommend a cover up for when they are not swimming to keep them protected from the sun.

 11. Lastly, we take our kids camelbaks everywhere so they do not get dehydrated, especially playing in the sun.
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