Monday, October 6, 2014

Zoey is 7 months old!

Zoey Elizabeth is 7 months old now! I cannot believe how fast it is going by. She is growing and changing so fast!

She says Mama now! This morning she said Dada and talks (yells) all day long!! She likes to eat peas the most. I tried carrots and she did not like them.  She rolls all over the house to get from here to there but not crawling yet. I can tell she is going to crawl soon though! She laughs and is ticklish now on her ribs so I like to blow raspberries on her tummy. She thinks this is hilarious. She talks and laughs a lot EXCEPT when other people are around. It is so funny she is always so quiet around other people and just stares and takes it all in. I am not sure if she is shy or just learning the world! She does not like putting clothes on or taking them off and she does not like to nap anymore (yay!) She loves to go for walks in the stroller and explore outside. She likes to play with the grass and go to the park.

My baby girl is getting so big! She is growing out of all her clothes and now fitting into 9 month stuff!

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