Friday, October 3, 2014

Update of Zoey being sick

We went to the park Sunday morning and were sitting under the beautiful trees on a blanket and we noticed Zoey seemed very lethargic and did not want to sit up on her own. She wasn't really smiling much and just seemed very sleepy. We didn't think much of it and walked around for a bit before we headed home.
We got home and she hardly ate anything before her nap. She napped for almost 2 hours. She usually naps for 30-40 minutes so I knew it was odd. Alex got her from the crib and said she felt really warm so he took her temp. It was 101. I instantly was worried I let her nap with this fever!
Took off her clothes put a wash cloth on her head and gave her Tylenol. I gave her another round of tylenol 4 hours later and there was not much change. Her fever fluctuated between 99 and 103 and had me so worried. I started asking for advice and my cousin told me to alternate with Motrin and tylenol. I gave her one dose of Motrin and it seemed to help right away. She didn't get her fever back all night.
I thought she was all better and it was just a little fever for the day. I noticed some red bumps on her diaper line the next night but by morning they were gone. Then that night they were back but all over her arms legs and stomach . I decided to wait till morning again to see if it would go away. By morning it was worse! My poor baby was waking up every hour and hardly eating and covered in these red bumps.
We took her to the Dr this morning and they said it was roseola. A virus that will run its course in a few days. It starts with a fever then ends with a rash.
I feel so sad for my baby. I am very over protective so her getting sick is so hard for me! I end up freaking out and thank goodness my husband is always there to calm me down and tell me it'll be okay.
She will be all better in a few days and build up an immunity for this virus so she won't get it again.
Thank you for all the advice and love from family and friends this week while I worry myself sick and got almost no sleep.
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