Monday, October 13, 2014

Ovarian Cysts Hurt

For the last few days I had some pain in my right side. I knew it was a cyst because I have had them a few times before. The first time I ever noticed I had one it burst and was so painful! I guess I forgot that the extreme pain means it's bursting. Well this morning I woke up and it was excruciating. I was hobbled over and couldn't even pick up Zoey so I called the Dr. I went in right away and even had the Mr. come home from work to drive me and help with Zoey.

While waiting I noticed the pain going down and by the time I saw the Dr. it was pretty much gone. He ordered an ultrasound and there was some fluid. Meaning I had a cyst and it burst. That was why it hurt SO BAD. Too bad I went down to the Dr. and paid just to be told it was gone. I just was worried my entire ovary might explode or get damaged so I wanted it checked.

I get these here and there and they are so painful! I am not sure what causes them, something about ovulating I believe.

All is well and the fluid will be absorbed by my body. I am reminded of the hard time we had conceiving and when I would get these I would worry I wouldn't be able to have a baby. Then I am grateful we have Zoey and that each time they burst on their own and I do not need surgery to remove them.

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