Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top 10 New Baby Must Haves

These are the top 10 things I used and needed when I first brought Zoey home. I remember when I went to make my baby registry I had no idea where to start so I hope to simplify things for any new mom!

1. Swaddles- These are amazing and baby falls asleep all nice and cozy in them. They are so much easier than trying to fold a blanket and  having it stay put! Zoey loved being swaddled at first but would get out of it because she moved her arms so much so these helped a lot. We even took these to the hospital and used them there.

2. Lanolin nipple gel- I used this from the moment I started nursing after every feeding and I never had any dryness or bled. I think this stuff saved me from all of that. This is something I highly recommend if you are going to nurse.

3. Co - sleeper bassinet- This I loved because when zoey was so small I wanted her in the bed with me but was worried because she couldn't move her head yet if she needed to. I used this for about a month until I felt more comfortable with her sleeping directly next to me. We both got the most sleep with this thing handy.

4. Sleep and play zip ups- she lived in these for months. They are perfect! Comfy and cover the little feet. Makes it easy to change diapers and most have little hand covers. These are perfect to sleep in and she still sleeps in them.

5. Scratch Mittens- These are a must have! They will scratch their little faces all up without these. Some outfits have little hand covers but not all so they are nice to have. I was told not to clip her nails for a month so I used them all that time.

6. Baby bath with sling- This is amazing you don't have to try to hold them and wash them at the same time. The sling is perfect and they make baths that you can change as they grow so I still use it!

7. Tummy time mat- with pillow- This was great because for a long time she didn't want to do tummy time and wouldn't hold her head up. The pillow really helped her to learn to use her upper body. She still plays on this daily, I love it! 

8. Bouncer- we still use this! It's awesome she can sit in it and it is easily moved to other rooms (unlike the swing). She napped in it a lot at first. Now she plays in it. It's helpful when they can't quite sit up yet but still want to be upright. She sits in this when I shower right next to me so I can watch her. I use this in the kitchen too when I'm cleaning or cooking. She is just now able to sit in a high chair so this thing has been a life saver!

9. Boppy Pillow- This is a must have for nursing. It helps support baby so you can be more comfortable. I couldn't imagine being without it, especially when they are newborn and so small.  You can also use it to support baby sitting and also for tummy time.

10.  Lots and lots of onsies!- Sure there are cute baby outfits and they seem so fun... but in reality you will mostly use onsies. They are easy, comfortable, and you go through them like crazy. I found that having baby in a dress or shirt is actually really uncomfortable to pick them up and what not because it just slides up. You will be changing outfits a lot from spit ups, diaper blow outs, and any other mess mishaps so onsies are essential! 
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